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  1. Ban on using box ?

    The most popular answer by NCsoft stuff:
  2. Banned Account :/

    My buffer got banned aswell by trying to buy Ncoins hahaha x0ax0a0x It was banned 2 times already. I lost 1+ week and keep counting. GG NCsoft.
  3. Server will be okay without people who keep crying about rates etc. There will be new players so bye bye babys.
  4. My cousin have same problem.. send ticked 3 days ago. Nothing.. VIP days going. Can’t play. No answers.
  5. client closes on character creation

    Mizral said: Can't login? VIPs are busy fishing. This is really sad and annoying
  6. Forum Private Messages

    Thank you.
  7. Forum Private Messages

    I have only 1 message in my inbox. When i'm trying to send message it says: "Your inbox is full. You must delete some messages before you can send any more."
  8. What mage should I play?

    If you will play with box go for SPH+SE Great at PVE & PVP aswell.
  9. Patch notes + Release time

    Yes dude. Leave TS or discord