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  1. check your server ncwest every damn night 02:00 +- 30min gmt +2 disconnects everything
  2. i busted me a$$ to try to complete l2pass with damn tank and all i managed is to lose server xp boost with main char by playing without sayha low levels to try to finish it and all i got is from the 3 the longest waste of my time and l2coins typical ncsoft dont give a rats a$$ about supports
  3. now it came to you this bs happening over 2 weeks
  4. if they want all players to take the free gift they should make it at least to count every mob you get xp from cause 80% of people dont use manner or cut the mob kill count to each level at half
  5. you all missing the point here people its "gift" but almost noone will take it due to high dead mob count requirement
  6. You must do it alot easier nscoft people it s not possible to do it with support toons or you dont care to sell L2 1000 coins
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