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  1. After 24 days and 6 tickets some of theme not even related to the banned acount, they ignored everything, probably they dont even read it and it says, waiting for your reply again, so i did just put my last ticket: Since the rest of the tickets were ignored, i just have a last question, if i had always my 3 accs logged at same time, how is it possible that only 1 got banned, 3rd party program would be for all of them not for 1, and its even the lower and the one i was lvling up to help friends. but well, out of 35 guys i came here to play with, there are only 2 remaining, and i rly love lineage2 but sadly it looks like u dont want to support it at all, there are a thousan ways to see who is rly using 3rd party programs, and instead of that u ban ppl who dont use them then ignore them, 24 days have passed alredy from that. And i was even paying vip to my main and planning to maintain vip 4 cause i was enjoying the game even with all the problems i was having, but i think this is the end, if u ignore this post aswell i will quit definetly and will never play something from (company name) again. pd: sry if i looks like rude, but 24 days being ignored by gms and trolled from some ppl in the community is to much for me, from the first week was already too much probably. And of corse 2 hours later, awaiting for your reply with no response again, thats all for me, wont even look at forum anymore after this post cause i just cant stand this anymore, so gl, i hope u enjoy your lifes, cya.
  2. Banned accounts for no reason

    same #23225772 enjoy how they ignore every constructive comment i made, but they dont want to solve problems at all.
  3. Banned accounts for no reason

    More than 3 weeks passed from mine and i only did see the 3 "bot" messages, the rest were just ignored no matter what, but the point is, even if u get unbanned, if they didnt find the reason, he will probably get banned again, so fear yes, thats why i didnt play in 3 weeks.
  4. Note

    Well so i get an account banned, and i got no way to proof i didnt do anything ilegal, i can´t talk with anybody on the staff, my tickets will be ignored and even if u put the msg they did put without names u will delete it, it would be rly nice to understand what can we do, cause it kinda looks like we got no rights at all. If a superior come to your door and just tell u are fired for no reason, would u not ask why? if he and the whole company ignore u even when u know u didnt do anything wrong what would u do? well dont tell me, i violated something again, cause any post here is violating anything if u look at them carefully, its ok, i got nothing to play and looks like i cant talk here anymore, ty and gl, i will buy a lot of games more from your company that i cant even mention.
  5. Note

    they edited my post aswell and did take off what gms tell u, cause it was so offensive, well is offensive to us only, but they take it out anyway
  6. Note

    The funny think is they ban randomly all the ppl who kill at initial zones, and i mean randomly cause they let bots there for weeks, but if u create a new account and farm there for 2 or 3 days u get banned, try making a spoiler giving him a top ng weapon, then go to spider nest to get animal bones from Crystalline Beast, then when u go to sleep, just put a shop in giran selling them, u will get banned in less than 3 days, they wont check it and they will ignore u. And thats all, they will never talk to u, they will never listen to anything u tell them, cause they are like bots themselves, and as somebody said even a 12 years old can see the difference, but they are not so.
  7. If its only an ip problem and u have dinamic ip like 90% of the ppl (cause its cheaper) u only need to reset the router and wait 2 min then enter again. If thats the problem they basically restringed acces from some zones, would like to know if that was on purpose cause looks like it.
  8. Banned accounts for no reason

    I was banned 2 weeks ago and i dont use any kind of 3rd party programs, not even razor synapse, and i cant proof it cause. First: its imposible to proof something i didnt do. Second: Gms wont listen to anything u tell them no matter what. Third: They wont check where the system failed, if they take a desicion even if its wrong looks like they wont change it, I dont want other ppl to believe there is ppl getting banned not using anything, i want them to check it cause i am 100% sure they are doing it cause i did never ever in my life use a 3rd party program in a game, and here i am with an account banned. It was just an alt account, i was just starting to lvl up a spoiler and it was just 21, still i already did quit, my main is lvl 58 and it isnt banned, but who would continue playing knwing u can get banned anytime for no reason again. Like i rly said i dont want anybody to believe it, but stop saying it is a lie just cause i cant proof something that didnt happend, u are offending a lot of ppl in forum just for fun.
  9. Random Banned /No explanation

    So 10 days later they still ignore my tickets, There is some ppl who got theys accounts back, but what is the point to that if they didnt tell u the reason for the ban and u can get banned again anytime without any kind of explanation. This is the worst support i did see in 17 years of gaming, and i dont think i will ever see something like this again, having a nice game and destroying it just cause they are to lazy to check things properly, i personaly will never pay again something from ncsoft west, and if i could i would demand the company, sadly international demans for a game would never get into something, they are basically scamming our time and money while they do nothing about real problems they ban legit ppl and leave them without any posible defense. U are walking on the street, and the police arrest u, they say the reason is u are a murderer, so they put it in preventive jail, they cant find any proof and u know u are innocent, but they decide to charge u with that crime and sentence u to death, without judment without any chance to defence yourself, cause they have the power to do it, and nobody come to help u, why, a police says its the truth, there is nothing to do... Thats basically the power of the gms just now, no matter what u say or do, they can do wathever they want with your account and u cant do a shit. Sry for my pathetic english, but i am about to explode and had to say all the shit i am frustrated about.
  10. Random Banned /No explanation

    Welcome to l2classic, u can get banned with no explication cause your account isnt actually yours, just cause gms dont want to do theyr work, welcome to the new mmorpg generation, with rng banning system and no support to help u, i am already tired of this frustrating sensation of being banned at any moment with another acc for no reason, so the only thing we can do is talking here and waiting for someone from support to notice their fault, and even if that happend, the time we lost will never come back.
  11. @Tool_of_Society I didnt see capcha even once, this thing have nothig to do with reports, is just a random ban with no explanation, and i only have 3 accs, 2 shops and playing with one all the time, not even buffer...
  12. @Tool_of_Society See? that the kind of thing i am tired to see on forum this days, i have never been banned in 15 year either, but they did ban me now, of corse u cant imagine other ppl having that problem, till it happend to u...
  13. @Tool_of_Society U play 9 accs, imagine today one of them get suspended, for no reason, u conttact support and they say u are banned for 3rd party programs, u know thats imposible so u keep contacting them till they start ignoring, u come to forum and see a lot of ppl have the same problem, but they do nothing about it, and a lot of super smart ppl keep coming to troll in posts saying bullshit. At start i was just suspended, but since the gms just now dont wanna do they work, if one decide u used something (even if there are no evidences) u are already doomed with the rest. Tell me, u would play with the other 8 accs knowing u can get another one banned for no reason, since they will never tell u what happened, or search where they are mistaken at?
  14. This is hilarious

    They wont investigate at all, i know i didnt have anything, but they think they are doing right, so no matter what i say to them, its like talking with a 10yo kid, when they notice they are banning wrong ppl it will be too late, did never feel so frustrated, And on top of that, there is a lot of ppl with same problem, and the rest of comunity is trolling them.
  15. Yestarday i was thinking how to make adena on this server, cause everything is kinda wrong, and i decided to start playing with a spoiler i left at lvl 20 long time ago, so after rr, i started spoiling to get some mats, and i even made a list of spots to go later, i went to bed and i left him at mdt selling SSC, when i woke up today that account was banned, Its the first time ever i get something banned in a game, and its in a game full of ppl using cheats and exploints, u guys are the worst company ever, u dont even know what are u doing, how can normal ppl get banned and bots and sellers dont.