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  1. Im not going to spend Euro again... Because from NCshop i dont need that ugly accesories,dont need shots. There was just one thing worth and it was 50% drop rate for me and 10% damage in pve. BUT if you got 0 drop on solo 40+ zones and chance there is 0,0005 x 50% is still nothing. No more money from me for NCsoft that VIP just isnt worth...
  2. Its not like that anymore,i can login even without VIP accounts In peak time.
  3. Just watch drops of people playing in Peak... many my friends already left.
  4. We are clan which dont want to make lvl 20 chars to get adena for ports and shots :). Its not worth a time. We arent hardcore,we are casual players. dont worry you will stay here with 2 strong clans alone.
  5. @Hime Thanks a lot for this update :),we are leaving with my clan because even if we are buying from NCshop,we will not have enough adena for teleports. Game is broken and ship is already drowning. Good luck.
  6. This rates are sad :), i personally dont have nothing against it. Classic should be hardcore,just my friends are leaving. So probably i will soon also.
  7. I cant understand why didnt you increase drop rate/adena rate in Plains of lizardmen/sea of spores/ivory tower ... Drop there is really discusting and i cant understand how i can get more adena in Abandoned camp than in zones mentioned... What the hell ? In that zones im happy when i got stem in one hour. With VIP4 !
  8. If they will increase rates again,i will be dissapointed. Because everybody will be on top gear in one day. Now its really easy already.
  9. Really adenski are mess ? Why then there are already Adena sellers ? Are you really that much stupid ? Drop is good,adenski is really good. Its not server problem when you dont know how to make adenski. Others players like me already have C gear with casual gameplay. So please stop cry about drops,adenski finally because now its really easy and its annoying how kids are crying everywhere. Go play salvation or something much easier.
  10. Idk why you cry about drops,on spoil without VIP i spoil almost every mob... So go on and keep crying like little kid. They should keep lower rates because now its too easy!
  11. stop that stupid boxes event and everything will be ok. Fishing without shots its not worthy really.
  12. Hi,we were using that name for 5 years on many games like world of warcraft,few lineage servers,aion etc. We dont have any connections with Romanian clan "SPQR".
  13. Hello,we are recruting people for clan "SPQR" which is playing on giran gmt +1. Usually we play 18-22,our age is between 22-31 so we are looking for somebody above 18+. We are chill guys,some of us Netherlands,Bulgarians,Slovak. We are recruting now mainly 25 lvl + SK/DA/Bishop/EE/SE/spoil = all mains,just be friendly,chill and helpful like all of us. We have enough DDs Currently. We are using Discord. If somebody is interested or want more info PM on discord : Atreanox#8559
  14. But i want cosmetic there now!!! its changing nothing really in game... more money for NCsoft
  15. Hello guys,i like to buy some nice hair accesory. But NC shop is almost empty. Is there possiblity to add some More Cosmetic things? i think many people will like it. Its boring to looks like everybody else! Thanks. @Hime @Juji
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