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  1. Im not going to spend Euro again... Because from NCshop i dont need that ugly accesories,dont need shots. There was just one thing worth and it was 50% drop rate for me and 10% damage in pve. BUT if you got 0 drop on solo 40+ zones and chance there is 0,0005 x 50% is still nothing. No more money from me for NCsoft :) that VIP just isnt worth... 

  2. Really adenski are mess ? Why then there are already Adena sellers ? Are you really that much stupid ? Drop is good,adenski is really good. Its not server problem when you dont know how to make adenski. Others players like me already have C gear with casual gameplay. So please stop cry about drops,adenski finally because now its really easy and its annoying how kids are crying everywhere. Go play salvation or something :) much easier.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Kabala said:

    For how long have you been using the SPQR name for your clan?

    I remember this was a L2 Romanian clan like .. 10 years ago. Any connections with it ?

    Hi,we were using that name for 5 years on many games like world of warcraft,few lineage servers,aion etc. We dont have any connections with Romanian clan "SPQR". 

  4. Hello,we are recruting people for clan "SPQR" which is playing on giran gmt +1. Usually we play 18-22,our age is between 22-31 so we are looking for somebody above 18+. We are chill guys,some of us Netherlands,Bulgarians,Slovak. We are recruting now mainly 25 lvl + SK/DA/Bishop/EE/SE/spoil = all mains,just be friendly,chill and helpful like all of us. We have enough DDs Currently. We are using Discord.


    If somebody is interested or want more info PM on discord : Atreanox#8559



  5. I have VIP 4 and drops still sux ... 0.25% or normal drop + 50% from VIP4 still made sux drop. :) Im farmit Spiders like a crazy and doing it solo cause it dont drop for every guy in group. I like to play with friends but not possible on spiders. :D So i hope they adjust drops :) because like this we are bleeped and hard. And please add to NCshop more Head accesories :D i want to buy some Spartan helmet. :D


    Edit: PPL start leave because of Bugs + drops. :) Not possible to choose Spirit shots and get soul shots... this is not private server... Offical so start to fix!!! :D  

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