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  1. It's easy to enchant on this Classic. First, they use D grade, weapon are cheap and enchant scroll too, so you can craft/buy a lot of them to get more luck. Second, you can buy infinite of enchant at NPC shot with some adena and cry D. It's very easy to enchant weapon if you got adena and if you got an army of crafter, you know how it easy to make adena
  2. How you can control multiple clients without a soft so ? Everything has to be software related. Btw XIGN check your files and your process so even if you use a macro soft for something else, not for L2, you are bannable but mostly XIGN is used to detect only hacking tools and not macro soft but we don't know, maybe one day it will change...
  3. It is mamène. If you use it, your account is bannable. If you can't understand that you manage 1 char at time and this soft will send a macro to copy what you do, how we can help ? Go ahead and don't complain when you will be banned. It's simple ANY 3rd party program who can take control of your game, is a reason to be banned, what is Multiboxy ? A 3rd party program. What is AutoHotKey ? A macro program, you can do loop macro to automate stuff, so, when the anticheat will tell to NCsoft you use this program, it means you can automate stuff they don't care and cannot see if
  4. They know about this, they can't ban them manually because they can create again and again a new char so it's endless job for NCsoft and we won't see the difference. The main issue is to block them before they will spam the chat
  5. This is the hard work, keep going, don't give up. Adena seller are still here PMing their offer but it's less than before Everytime I see a bot, I report him, we need a server free of bot and adena seller.
  6. Hello, Do you need a private shop for SS & BSS at Monster track ? The TP is still free for any 40+ char there, how is the demand ? https://www.strawpoll.me/16685257
  7. The Global trade panel is a shit, private shop are fun, you can found good stuff very cheap or you can be scammed too, you can negociate your price. An auction house is quite boring and you have no contact with the seller. The game is like this,
  8. BTW if you played L2R, you should know, never logout! You always got something to do, so you should stay online. For ppl who don't know L2R, it's a lineage 2 mobile who ask you to play 24h/7 with auto farm to be on top player. Worst game ever
  9. Because ppl are selling or fishing or farming these RB for mats, we need all of these to make our economy cheap like it is. Enough offer for ppl who demand stuff.
  10. You can't kick afker or you'll destroy all the economy of the server. They already increased the spawn rate of mob so why they won't just increase the cap slot to 6500, 7000 ? We don't need new server because ppl will leave TI, Giran and Aden, it's always like this for a new server launch on every MMO. Rush for some weeks and then back to a normal population.
  11. oh ok I didnt know that, thx for this information.
  12. What you mean ? What the point of this pack ?
  13. Hey @Juji When you will be able to add more slot like 7000/8000 slots for Giran ? We are 2000 ppl in the queue with 5/6h of waiting and VIP are going to do the queue too now like 100 ppl for now. No need a new server, just more slots to handle the rush for some weeks With 7k you still got a queue of 1k so you can still sell VIP!
  14. Ok thanks for your information v.v
  15. Hello, I just login IG and I got the buff Reported What does that mean ?
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