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  1. Ye, I'm so influencial here that people are gonna follow me and leave rofl. But if you call 4.7k on Giran and 5.3 k on TI at peak on a Friday night live and kicking, then it's up to you. I hear big clans are moving on from TI already, so ye, it won't take me to bury it, it will bury itself due to the zero fuks given by this NCWest dev team.
  2. Gz, sell it [content moderated], as it will be useless pretty soon.
  3. LOOOOOOL You make me laugh. Go on Adrenaline forums and check how they are banning bots. Rofl. They can't even sort the shit from the inside and you talk about external factors that are affecting the game.
  4. No, you mentioned the value of the dollar, I gave you the answer to that. Ruble was always crap and will remain crap.
  5. You do know that false reporting is an offence too right? rofl.
  6. You reported someone as a bot in AC? I'm yet to find a bot in AC, you'd be pretty stupid to use Adrenaline there rofl.
  7. And the Dollar did die lol, in fact it is not 3rd of it's value compared to some 20 years ago. Rofl.
  8. I quit too and I do read the forums with my morning coffee! I just want to follow the death of my favourite game since childhood as sad as it is.
  9. Indeed, you are doing something wrong if you are broke at that lvl. And, even though I left the server yeasteday, I smashed my Katana*Katana, FP armour and full set juwels and still had quiet a bit of adena to give out to people. The problem isn't that it's hard to get adena, the problem is that the only way you get adena is either: through the afk events or Spellbooks. There is no economy, there are very few parts on the market and people don't even bother to play spoilers as spoil rates are non-existent. No wonder TI had 4.6k people at peek yesterday. As I said, It will be dead after Christm
  10. Already got my refunds from the bank. You should too.
  11. Oh dear, you must be new to L2. Not gonna explain how things work, just google what's currently happening with Classic.
  12. Ofc now, why craft stuff when you can buy 1kk a for $12-15 and just buy Top C/B stuff like the guy who bought BOP did. There is no economy in this classic, simple. Poor people sell their stuff, while the majority - bots/adena buyers don't even bother with mats and probably sell them to the shops in towns.
  13. He had a lot of power when he promised a lot of things before opening somehow. Rofl.
  14. Decision to ruin L2 perhaps? Yeah, I do agree that they have ruined the game. And no, I do not agree with their decision to ruin it.
  15. No point moaning people. They aren't changing anything. They have ruined this game, the game that I loved so much for so many years. All my friends have quit this week and I have made a decision to do that too. Don't waste any more of your time, as the servers will be completely dead after Christmas. You had a chance @Juji to show us all that you still cared for the game and not the quick buck you can make. You failed miserably.
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