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  1. Archers vs Wizards

    Neither archers, nor wizards are OP in classic. I'd say tanky classes can kill them 1v1 any day (especially TK). In any case, if you want to compare the 2, I'd say PR could kill any mage just because of fatal counter.
  2. Ye, I am the guy who argues that boxing shouldn't be allowed, but at the same time I have 9 accounts.
  3. Right, so basically every time you see someone farming next to you, you should either: 1) PK them or 2) Stop farming and stand there like an idiot waiting for a pvp to happen? That sounds like fun.
  4. I do actually, but people can't be bothered to report them. And anyway, every online game will have the people who will try and tamper with the system. That's how the world works and that's how it will always work.
  5. You haven't played on classic before I guess. You can't 'protect yourself' at lvl 20-30 for example as a mage. One stun from the dwarf and the mob will kill you. Also, some people will not always be playing in the group and don't start with the nonsense that this game is only made for clans/cps etc., because it is not.
  6. PayPal isn't working for the EU players. And also, it doesn't matter that it says 'Credit Card' you can still use a Debit Card like I did. But yes. Things need to be fixed. It took me 4 hours of errors to get things started here.
  7. Haven't played with any BR people. Coming back to L2 after a long time. But yep, will be reporting them =]
  8. I suspect there won't be many bots here, since Russia is banned. And in any case, just report them and they will be dealt with.
  9. ApeX Recruiting - Talking Island Server

    One of the best looking clan websites I have ever seen. Good luck boys and girls!
  10. Watch some videos on YouTube on what people are doing to make you drop your items by - bringing the mobs to you, stunning you, etc - making you die and then pick up your stuff. Thank you, but no thank you. Also, you will drop your items if killed while red.
  11. Limit Box

    Why don't you people just run 60 boxes and play as a whole clan? Mmm?
  12. Basically 95% of the things listed in your poll.
  13. Please do provide me with some more info. As said before, two people are looking for a group: BD and PR. GMT+0 and able to adapt.
  14. Hello world, After a long struggle I have managed to post on this forum. And so, Me and my cousin will be starting on the new classic server tomorrow and are looking for a group to play with. We have both been playing since 2005 and are looking to enjoy some hard-core L2 once again. We both live in the UK, hence, Giran would probably be the logic option to join, however, we are quite flexible on the time zones (for now) and would therefore not mind playing on the Talking Island server either. I will be playing a BD main (once I reach that level) and my cousin will be maining a Phantom Ranger. We are looking for English speakers to play with, raid with, quest with and in general enjoy our time with. Once again, it does not matter which server, however, any suggestions on which one will be more popular are welcome. Thank you for reading this and we will hopefully see you in game. Cheers
  15. Helpful Lineage Sites!

    Hatecraft, thanks for this. I am sure many of the guides will be applicable to the classic. Ignore the haters.
  16. I hope you can't. I really do.
  17. Vip4 %drop in group

    If you choose to wear it.
  18. I agree with this completely. If you think about it, many of use have Jobs/Studies and careers to develop and thus buy the extras to be able to catch up with those who will be grinding in game non-stop. The extra exp (which can be acquired in game) and some extras that do not affect your game progress anyway, is in no way p2w.
  19. Patch notes + Release time

    W/E I'll be up 24/7. Waiting.
  20. If 50% or whatever more exp (which you can acquire in game anyway) and 10% more damage in PVE is P2W then okay.