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  1. So... I've return to the server after a few months and my orc is "Chaotic" (7k karma). But the SS system has changed and I can't buy them with main and can't trade with my supports! Does anyone have a solution for this??
  2. I have 6 acc logged in PC/Note. If the servers show 5k players on, you can be sure there is something around 1.5k people on.
  3. I see a bunch of people complaining but the fact is, THE MONEY DON'T STOP COMING for them! At the star 2/3 of the players were VIP, today 1/2 are VIP, and in 6 months the servers will be dead. Bad management is the reason, probably because NCSoft NA it's managed by IT folks and a few merchandisers. Just understand that you need the normal players as much as the payers.
  4. Sou solo player, tem requisito de lvl?
  5. Starting a Tyrant... I checked at wiki the passive armor skills for the 20+ and I didn't find any passive armor skill for heavy armor? 1. Is that true? 2. Can anyone send some prints of the light and the heavy moon armor bonus?
  6. turn on the offline shops and put a timer to kick the afk...
  7. Exactly, change the box limit to 2 acc. Last week I posted a few prints of a 4 BOXER!! and the people defended the dude... "If you have 2 PCs you can log even 6 if you want" obviously the player was loging 4 boxes in one PC, but what can we do, most players log and go afk for the day. Conan had that same problem on release with player "login to save the spot", it's easy to solve... put an afk timer, 10 min for auto kick. Limit the acc to 2 per IP. Have an admin teleporting in game to care for the 4-6 boxers.
  8. Just go to Zaken Classic server and be happy Many people are trying it out...
  9. How many "boxes" can one have? Wasn't the rule 3? Got a 4 boxer here... Vivian, Eliney, Melisandra, GLXY https://imgur.com/RZK6tuY https://imgur.com/8I9ZeWQ https://imgur.com/SO6oqW9
  10. The window shoppers are your future shoppers! I'm one that bought the 30$ pack and ask for a refund after seeing the VIP complaining about the drop rate... Now I'm moving to the EU sever for a test, 2E for a month, but if the NC manage to turn all of this from water to wine I'll probably return and get the 30$ again
  11. This version of L2 Classic has turned in to a free2play pay2win
  12. This version of L2 Classic has turned in to a free2play pay2win
  13. This version of L2 Classic has turned in to a free2play pay2win
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