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  1. 11 minutes ago, VitaG said:

    What do you mean by population? because not all active accounts are actual players...even if servers remain full in the future its gonna be like 70% bots 20% shops 9% adena sellers 1% actual players....Even if the servers are full the actuall players will be like 200 in the whole server having whatever they want and play together....

    I have 6 acc logged in PC/Note. If the servers show 5k players on, you can be sure there is something around 1.5k people on.

  2. I see a bunch of people complaining but the fact is, THE MONEY DON'T STOP COMING for them! At the star 2/3 of the players were VIP, today 1/2 are VIP, and in 6 months the servers will be dead.

    Bad management is the reason, probably because NCSoft NA it's managed by IT folks and a few merchandisers. Just understand that you need the normal players as much as the payers.

  3. Starting a Tyrant... I checked at wiki the passive armor skills for the 20+ and I didn't find any passive armor skill for heavy armor? 

    1. Is that true?

    2. Can anyone send some prints of the light and the heavy moon armor bonus?

  4. 46 minutes ago, Dga said:

    You can't kick afker or you'll destroy all the economy of the server.

    They already increased the spawn rate of mob so why they won't just increase the cap slot to 6500, 7000 ?

    We don't need new server because ppl will leave TI, Giran and Aden, it's always like this for a new server launch on every MMO. Rush for some weeks and then back to a normal population.

    turn on the offline shops and put a timer to kick the afk... 

  5. 15 hours ago, Leyfas said:

    Want to treat an immediate decrease and that guarantees the entry of new players?
    Do yourself a favor by lowering the box limit to 2, mostly logging in all possible boxes and leaving them doing exactly nothing, thus preventing entry of players who really want to play on all classic servers.
    Very good for up solo on 2 accounts only.


    Exactly, change the box limit to 2 acc. Last week I posted a few prints of a 4 BOXER!! and the people defended the dude... "If you have 2 PCs you can log even 6 if you want" obviously the player was loging 4 boxes in one PC, but what can we do, most players log and go afk for the day.

    Conan had that same problem on release with player "login to save the spot", it's easy to solve... put an afk timer, 10 min for auto kick. Limit the acc to 2 per IP. Have an admin teleporting in game to care for the 4-6 boxers.

  6. 3 hours ago, Cruchy said:

    Please tell me, what is value added to game by ppl who not paying for it?

    Why anyone runing business should listen to window shopers?

    In my opinion (im not paying ) i shouldnt dimand anything. If i enjoy game i play, if not im leaving and dont crying.


    The window shoppers are your future shoppers!

    I'm one that bought the 30$ pack and ask for a refund after seeing the VIP complaining about the drop rate...

    Now I'm moving to the EU sever for a test, 2E for a month, but if the NC manage to turn all of this from water to wine I'll probably return and get the 30$ again :) 

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  7. 16 hours ago, Valdie said:

    Well, I have the weekend off work and planned to play all weekend but I've put down the game for now. Thankfully I haven't spent any money on it like I had planned. 

    I'm kind of a casual. I do play 8+ hours a day sometimes (I actually enjoy the grind if its rewarding - I'll happily take a BH out and spoil for hours if there's anything to spoil) but I do have a work schedule and I'm not CP minded. I'm happy to put the time in and grind away (I think the XP curve seems fine here tbh) but I'm not enjoying repeating spider quests and I don't find any enjoyment in hunting without soul shots - for little gain. I can imagine I'm a middle of the road L2 player and that the majority of players trying this version out are too.

    What I have observed are people that are making the game in its current state work and they are mainly CPs (AoE parties) that have come from other servers. I think they have something to prove to other clans from other servers re-rolling here so they are motivated to keep going for that alone. Or, they are here to enjoy some low level PvP away from their dead farming servers. Whatever the reason, I'm glad that the game is playable for them but I do believe that they are the only ones who have reason right now to put up with the blatant issues in this implementation and continue playing.

    This isn't about not liking hardcore or whatever someone's definition of this Frankenstein's version this is, its about valuing ones time and not getting reeled in by a blatantly purposefully inconvenient version of the game. I already had severe apprehensions about the cash shop and now that we are discovering mismatching/doctored adena, drop and spoil rates, I've decided to cut my losses and not waste any more time on the game in its current state. I firmly believe that the majority of players will be thinking exactly the same come the end of next week - and that will be too late for NCWest to turn things around.



    Agreed! I'm freezing my accounts till they "fix" all the bugs and stop being so greedy!!

  8. It's so easy to fix this c'mon! Just make an option to exchange de Novice Soulshot for Novice Spiritshots at the NPC.

    This bug it's killing the joy of all the casters in the game and the fighters are lvling like hell, it's ridiculous