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  1. Note

    1. as intended.. 2. No. 3. No. 4. No. 5. No. Everything is as intended, the game is perfect. Y would the community managers respond to forums? They literally can not do anything except give angel cat blessings.
  2. Patch notes 11.28

    looks like i was right. Big surprise, to be let down so hard
  3. They don't care. this is obvious.
  4. guess i'll keep playing, because friends still play, but I'll never spend another penny on ncsoft, you can count on that.
  5. Are you guys posting these today? Or afraid of backlash? lol
  6. What is the point of leveling?

    There is no point, super scrolls ruined the game. Along with rates and about 50 other obvious fails
  7. Nice event, you dont have to be a DD only to do it... any update on the more important issue of drop/spoil tho? thanks,
  8. Spoil nerfed again?

    Just relax everyone. They deserve the weekend off. They responded last Wednesday to some questions on the event happening for live servers. They are really busy so just give them more time to address the community please.
  9. exactly why your opinion doesnt matter
  10. Adena tips for noobs?

    they lied, drop rates are broke, just wait it out or quit
  11. Spoil nerfed again?

    I noticed the exact same thing, so probably.
  12. That's hilarious. first of all I don't' give a shit what gender Hime is. If they didn't want to manage the games they release, maybe they shouldn't release broken versions that they obviously knew were broken.
  13. Spellbooks

    Why do u not understand? Even if u lvl fast there is nothing to buy in l2store. Its not a trick. Just a way to discourage the population... y would they want to do that? Probably same reason juji makes 10 posts on a live server regarding an event that 50 ppl r involved in while ignoring 15k ppl on classic
  14. Deceptive server and rates

    Scrolls sitting in my inventory. Even without that was easy to hit 40,.... i know english not ur 1st language. But what i was saying was in regards to all the nerds being like "this is what l2 used to be like" and i was explaining i dont remember many million+ xp scrolls in prelude and they confirmed drop rates are shit. So idk wtf he is talking about