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  1. @Juji @Hime Are you relaying comments about rates in this thread to upper management? Can we have an update? Please. Like, what did they say?
  2. That's a straight lie Id bet. You never tested it or were using low C grade / missing passives. I know that because you are way off.
  3. Actually yes they were. You've never played L2 apparently and have no clue how this game was balanced... When beastshots were introduced, summon stats were balanced to coincide with their increased potential dps and everyone used them 100%. They were cheap for summon. That applies to classic as well. However, unfortunately, in this version, we received summon stats balance like were using them during pve. Which we cant.... Summoner is the second most nerfed class unique to NA classic - behind spoiler...
  4. That's an extremely misleading statement. Plus complaining about their solo capabilities when they were specifically designed to be the best class at it? They're not even close to as strong as a same level, ~top C destroy btw. Not even in the same ballpark. Especially if the destroy is using shots.... Or has tattoos.... They have less utility and cant aoe nearly as well either.
  5. Adreno bot had signature detection after last maintenance and we saw increase of self professed "innocent" users reporting unjust bans. You'll have to excuse me for not being empathetic towards these posts
  6. It still wouldn't be even close to sustainable. Especially at higher levels as the summons dps starts to not scale well with mobs hp/def. I had mentioned this earlier in this thread already but I will say again. What people are not realizing is that summons are not as strong here in ncwest classic. Their stats are balanced around them supposed to be using them apparently, as opposed to other classic versions with shots not in game... When you combine that with mobs having more hp etc here (another unintentional bug?), its a bad situation for them at higher levels.
  7. Yeah. Its really what has stopped me from playing in the past week. I still login to burn the event buff but just cant find the drive to play. Both of my classes that I purchased launch packs and bought NCcoin for are broken on ncwest classic. Spoiler and Phantom Summoner. So not only can you not use summon shots but the summons themselves are weaker here. Their default stats were balanced around them assuming we would be using them.
  8. I'm still not sure how that's relevant. If youre implying that vip gives more adena, can someone clarify? Because it's not supposed to and didnt in the past. It only improves drop chance of mats/items.
  9. LUL Adreno bot users had ban wave today. ByeBye botters!
  11. L2extreme never had 50k concurrent players logged in a single server playing. The most it had, was like 10k players ever, split between 3 servers back when they first released S grade and removed bsoes from npc shop on their 3rd server. Then it hovered at around 3k. RPGclub however did a stress test with almost 15k concurrent afair. edit: talking about L2x brings back good memories. Having Hunter Village as an open arena pvp town was the pimpest shit ever in L2.
  12. Everything is ok. Frozen account = normal. Be patient. Create customer support ticket.
  13. My favorite aspects of L2 was the spoil/craft/economic system. With the three boxes, Ive already attained 2x top D weapons and event still is only 1/3 of the way through. I kinda feel conflicted, not knowing if Im happy about it lol. I dont feel as though I rightfully earned it at all.
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