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  1. I leveled up my spoiler to 55 before i decided to reroll. The spoil rate here is so damn low i didn't find it rewarding at all. But as a box it might in the end give some good spoils if you come to the B-Grade 100% recs and stuff like that but if you dont farm RB every day it will take ages to reach that level.
  2. I leveled up a spoiler to 55 before i did the right thing and rerolled. It is the most broken thing i have ever played. Though if you have the right information about spots i am guessing you can make a living for yourself even with these insane rates. My advice to you is do not roll a spoiler until they fix the class. But if you are like me and always wanted to play spoiler you can always roll to 55 and then freak out
  3. I welcome you to the 35+ bracket my good sir. I had a great time spoiling in OB but when you go after mobs that should drop 1-10 items and only sweep 1 every time it gets frustrating rly fast. I am still having a blast playing this game, and if i feel the need to cry a bit a have the right to do so. But when i post it on the forum I also get ready for the ignorant bashers like yourself^^
  4. Right now i am feeling that the spoiler is just a class with no purpose in life what so ever. Do you guys think there will be any change soon or are you guys thinking about changing class? When im playing with my CP I dont bring anything to the table, just wasting space in the group. I think i will try to ride this horrid wave and hope for a big change soon. And remember guys to always eat the yellow snow, it might be beer!
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