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  1. Sure you are a VIP, for this reason you do not complain, I am connected from 7 in the morning to connect while you perform the tasks of the day, it is 10 in the morning and 720 people have the number 553 ... Tell me according to some simple maths when I can connect and play. PS: to know these F2P games, most are played by free users, and if they leave the server dies, because there will not be 5k of VIP players, at most 500 and a server with 500 people, dies fast
  2. I say, I could put a captcha every 1 or 2 hours to disconnect the users, the fishermen and the bot, who put the state of petrifaction and if they do not put the code in 30 or 50 seconds, it disconnects. Personally I think I could solve many of the problems bother
  3. to me what gives me anger, is that there is like 800 pj fishing and that is crap. to fix the problem just put a capcha every 1 or 2 h, it leaves you in a petrified state and after 2 minutes you disconnect, well that is if you do not put the code. PD: with this you also fix the problem with the bots
  4. I really think that you should delete or restrict the DualBox / multiple accounts, I have 3 reasons to give you, first the problems when trying to enter the server by the exsive number of dualbox that are connected, these mostly do not disconnect after use for fear not being able to reconnect them due to the existing problem. Secondly, most types of support can not be used as primary, for the convenience of having them in dualbox, as the prophet. Third, eliminate or restrict the multiple accounts,, encourage the use of these support classes and the game on the team is more varied and interesti
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