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  1. I will still aim for EE as main class ( I got resist stun buff =P). But since It's kind of pain to level it alone, I need someone to help me level haha. Don't know if I'm going TI or Giran. (Probably TI... Since I get the impression most of NA players will play there)
  2. I spent most of my time getting my name blue for buffs haha! Took a while for me to dare enter CT. And It was kind of hard for me to find a party, since no one wanted me =( And I remember I got scammed by a guy named "Mossbarg" and literarely no one believed me =P. I remember these name the most: Hindemith: Mossberg, HackSaw (He paid my subscription haha!), Ethilias, Thorwulf, Souldjinn, Backfire, Phoenix/Chronos: Everyone from KMA + Tanuki. Gheesh, I'm old...And I miss these peoples. yay! =)
  3. I remember the Divine clan haha!
  4. Hiya! So who played on Hindemith? I don't remember the new server name after it merged. (was it Chronos? The one with huge infamous Nova & FS clan in it) I used to play this a lot! (a long time ago) I really got some good/bad memories from this! (eveyone used to called me "Wall-E" >.<) My First clan ever was Blitzkreig, and my latest before I quit, was KMA. I thought It would be fun to test it out again! If anyone remember me, (probably no one haha!) please let me know what server you are playing on. Maybe we can play together again?
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