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  1. to solve this serious problem of essence chronicle. NCSOFT could increase adena rate or decrease the price of 2 essential game items. Saya blessing (10k) and spirit pray. The drop of adena and the purchase of saya blessing should be proportional... let's assume that 100x in today's price costs 5kk adena, then the farm with 100 saya you should at least be able to recover the 5kk spent for the game to be healthy and balanced . @iAndouille@Admin
  2. hello community and administrators. It is really clear that we need another NA server. THERE IS A QUEUE EVERY HOUR TO PLAY ... WILL NCSOFT NOT SEE THE LAG THAT TAKES AND THE QUEUE ... THE CHRONOS SERVER IS OVERFLOWED! Please take this request into consideration and place it on the agenda and provide a new NA server to relieve, lag, exit the queue and improve the gameplay of the entire community.
  3. we need a new server na ... there is a queue every hour to play ... will ncsoft not see the lag that takes and the queue ... the chronos server is overflowed!
  4. we need a new server NA.... most of the spots are overloaded and now to make matters worse we are facing a queue to log in.
  5. hello NCsoft. I did a 10 month subscription test. And unfortunately I found that your monthly pack is not worth it. The amount spent on the 15 usd pack does not give you the return you can get by buying NCOIN (1,200) for the same amount (15usd) and selling it in-game. You need to update the pack or implement something new reward that is worth subs. thanks for listening.
  6. RED ELYSIUN BUFF IS 1 HOUR. DONT 4 HOURS. on the site it would be 4 hours
  7. PAY MY ROSE!!! so disappointing
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