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  1. This is why and my friends left this server. It is ok to farm some things in L2, but this is most, the f**** most hardcore server I have ever seen and played. As you said, it takes billions of hours to spoil the recipe/mats u need. After those days trying to get what we needed, we ended exausted and unhappy because we didnt get almost anything. We exhausted, we tired, we are unhappy. Question - why the **** I should stay on this server? p.s. before u say - why u are on forum and checking topics? I just watched movie - Good will Hunting, started to think about my life, u know, about
  2. No. Because I dont trust nscoft anymore. They lost my trust. Have fun here ppl.
  3. Woow one more week? Great. Later on we will ask them to fix rates on 52 lvl. And then 70. This is funny and unproffessional.
  4. How long we will suffer? Seriously. Tell me 1 reason why I should not go and play other private l2 classic server or even Innova's server. Because it is ***********. ****** ****. Why they are not listening to us? Why they cant fix rates? People still gonna use damn l2 store. Add more cosmetics and they will buy it. Make game confortable to play ****. Why u have to be like this. Srly. People. We just have to stop playing. Spam forum. Spam tickets. Maybe they will see that we are not happy and they eventually will start doing something. Peace.
  5. Do u understand that ppl complain about 40+ lvl mobs and not 1-40?))) U are fine while u are 25-30lvl in OB but later on u will waste x2 ssd on 40 lvl mobs and they will drop 150 adena. We will see how smart u gonna be ))))
  6. Do we have official L2 NA CLASSIC discord from which is made by official devs ? Not random ppl. But official. Where we can read news etc etc. Thanks.
  7. Mage aoe party already started to complain. They are 50 + lvl and telling us that they wont proggress until they fix rates. Since they wont have with who to pvp. Only few others cp's. :-) majority already hit the wall at lvl 42 ~ :-)
  8. Im from EU and I can play innova servers. So.. what is the problem? 1 problem is language maybe? But heey. U can use english? :))
  9. Im sorry but others servers where without [d] weapon donaiton ( it is same as pack for 30 days ) yea I agree, it is kinda sucks that ppl can get [d] weapon for 30 days, but, we all right now have those [d] weapons, like most of the ppl already farmed 400k and more. But hey.. we still all are 40 lvl without any adena. As u can see on their streams, ppl get enough adena to cover SS cost, hp pots and can get +adena and farm for [c] grade. :)) Even tho, u say 69lvl's. Im sorry but those guys top clan in innova, and their CP's are the strongest, they literally play game 20h a day, AOE all daaaaay l
  10. Well, they opened CLASSIC server on october 2, name is Lilith. https://ru.4game.com/lineage2classic/play/ratings/ check play time of ppl on lilith and their lvl's. Also, https://imgur.com/a/ciDCvzK aslooo, open twitch and ctrl + f LILITH, u will see lots of ppl streaming new server and they are all low level. :)) So think before u say smth.
  11. Guuuys. They fixed low lvl mobs drop rates just for ppl who cried about rates, just like me. So we wont quit server and buy vip. I was like - ooh finally they fixed adena rate. And i bought vip on all 3 accs. It wss their plan. And now Im stuck again at 40 lvl with sh!t low drop adena rate. It is pathetic. Why they cant make game as it should be. Even if u ****** buy ssd ssc from l2store it wont ******* help u save adena since **** c grade cost millions aaaaannnnnddddd parts of c grade armor weapons are not dropping aaaannnnddddd u just hit the wall. Im so angry, that they fixed on
  12. Inova opened new server at october 2. So in this server where is no emi+10 etc
  13. Look Why would Europe people play NA classic, paying for vip 15 eur monthly and get awful spoil and drop rates, while u can play skelth pay same amount 10 eur per month and have decent drop rates. Like, it doesnt make any sense to me...
  14. So to play my main which Iike, the assassin as dark elf first of all i have to make spoler, lvl up lvl 60 farm 100kk and then lvl up asassin with top gear? This is stupid logic...
  15. Imagine those rares at 45 lvl lol Then teleports cost 6k~. And soe 500 adena(ofc unstick) But hp pots? Haste pots? Mmm... get in the group ? Okaay... ppl will get low adena nice exp. So it will end ppl 50 lvl with top d weapon. And hey! Guys! Where is no C or B grade armor quest ))) dont forget about armor. Since mobs at lvl 45+ will hit u as a truck. ) P.s. rip dd's. Gg wp necro/sph/pr ( cdl/fatal strike)))) If u know what I mean, hehehe
  16. Btw I just finished yesterday farming spidsr quest since im lvl 25 and kinda fed up. I saw ppl where doing it quuest with d weapon and top d bows.. they should be around lvl 30. Question. Why Ppl with 30 lvl going to spider? Looks like 30 lvl mobs sucks from adena view. Also... if u didnt saw spider quest is bugged. It should be max 23 lvl. But hey, ppl with 30 lvl can take this quest other and other again ))))) Why? I guess ncsoft wanted like that. If not that quest forum would be filled witha adena issue topic all over again. I can bet 100k adena that in 10
  17. They want us to buy adena from third websites... even with free to play system ppl who purchase dont get anything. Yea you san say u can get SS' so that way you level faster but it doesnt give u more adena. So ppl end in 40 lvl with no adena... 20 lvl mobs give save adena as 46 lvl... but I mean.. at lvl 46 i will go smash one shot spiders to farm adena insread of hitting lizard for 30 sec and get same adena )))
  18. Hm.. you are doing somethong wrong. Im orc raider 25 lvl with mid d weapon, it cost in shop 1kk 69k but I bought for 900k. Got 2k ssd also. So in total I got around 1.1kk with adena in my inventory by lvl 25. But I farmed spider quest 24/7 with 3 acc's. At the moment for 20-40 where is no problem for adena drop as I think. Most ppl now around 30. Next week or abit more ppl gonna be 40. We will see how good rates gonna be. And yea.. teleports... you guys better do second transfer class before lvl 40. At lvl 39 you have to finish all 3 quest lines beforo hitting 40 lvl )))
  19. Well idk. At 16 lvl mob i get maximum 100 adena around. At lvl 40 max adena drop 260.. idk srly, maybe it is alright.. mb not. :-)
  20. You people are unbeliveble... You cried for new server-here u go, new server And u still say that ncsoft doing nothing against bpts, fishers etc. Give them time. Ffs, srly. Their priority is let ppl play so this is why they open server fast, and now they will try to fix problem adena sellers, afk bots, fishers, test new system mb etc. Chill oit ffs. Now u can play without queue so shut up and let them fix things. Jesus....
  21. Im sorry to say but.. It is how it should be. You are summoner, at 2 proffesion you will have skill to create beast SS which will cost around 40 adena. Secodly, you, summoners dont need any equimpent. Others classex have to spend 5kk on c grade with weapon while u can be naked and your pet will hit like a truck anyway ) So yea. Even if they change price, ppl wont buy it, since people will craft it. And they wont lower spirit ore and soul stone ore prices, because prices of ssd ssc bssd bssc will go down, which will ruin economy. Usless topic guys. Just think wider
  22. In one of the streams I saw warlord 47 lvl. But it was few days ago. I guess 50 lvl somewhere )
  23. At night ? ??? server is full 24/7 ))))
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