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  1. Which from what I've heard from people is they want to move to aden and gludio, but they don't wanna pay for it.
  2. How can you even tell, I'm legit curious both screenshots were just you saying you were killing bots, one of you dead and one with a level 20+ human mage casting flame strike on 2 spiders, that's it.
  3. The non-aoe places I was refering to is places like Tower of Insolence where some people grind in groups and people have said they tend to focus more on single target classes. But, its difficult at this point in the game to find a clan or CP that would accept a low/level 1 person that they work towards to help fill holes, most that seem "competent" want level 25/30+.
  4. I tend to ramble sorry, yea playstyle doesn't bother me much is what I was trying to get at, I simply don't want to hit a point with my class choice where I'm more or less useless to parties and clans in pve and pvp (like a prophet since everyone and their mother has a prophet box following them around.) I play mmorpgs for the groups experiences not the solo ones.
  5. I'm asking, because I plan to play for a long time, and I enjoy group play in both forms of pve and pvp, my first idea was a Warcryer, then I saw everyone is mages, a tank, and a ranger or 2 with a healer with recharge. But, from what I've read in the pve aspect mages tend to fall off in the later levels when the grinding swaps from aoeing to more single target scenarios. I thought a tank, but you only need a few of those and their application in PvP besides DA seems questionable. So, I honestly am not sure what to play. I want something that will get quite a bit of party play and use in
  6. I ask this because it seems like everyone boxes what they want/need and being a melee support I feel like its impossible to find groups, and I REALLY don't have the will to solo for most of 40+ levels, its so boring.
  7. I'm gonna make a melee and I was wondering what Is the most useful over time, I plan to play for the long haul but I just want to play something that will be useful for the longest period of time. I like to tank but I also like to aoe so I'm thinking either warlord or one of the 2 tank trees, I just don't know which one though.
  8. An old game called Rappelz had a similar issue, years ago you were only allowed other accounts if you had multiple PCs, eventually they said bleep it and allowed multiboxing years ago. Now its literally 1~2 accounts of buffers, the main account, and possibly a leecher account (for power leveling an alt.) So now everyone except VERY few people just solo with all the character attainable buffs in the game and are stronger than entire parties.
  9. It will never eliminate the problem though, unless you make the barrier absurd and as a result, the community of actual players will falter due to lack of new blood and burnout. The problem with gold sellers is any profit is enough profit. If the game has something that can be farmed and sold they will exist. Hell, it took a year or so but even people started doing it to path of exile, they don't use gold/adena/etc, they use currency items that do various effects, the community latched on to a hierarchy of value and the bots flooded in at that point. People don't just want less of
  10. I just wish it wasn't full of people that don't speak a similar language and swear at you for accidentally targetting and meleeing an enemy once they started channeling a spell on.
  11. The fix to sellers is people not wanting to buy ingame currency, never gonna happen. If people want to RMT the bots and sellers will be there, always.
  12. I do regularly and sadly by the time i right click and press block I'm hitting by 2 or 3 more spams the size of the entire chatbox ~_~, whatever spam me, but don't interrupt my damn whisper conversations.
  13. Doubt it, they are drowning in people buying things like shots, buff scrolls, and runes.
  14. I'm on Aden for the simple reason I won't get paid for a while and its impossible to get on TI. My main problem with Aden is call it racist or whatever you want, but most of the playerbase seems to be Portuguese or spanish, languages which I know next to none of.
  15. Sadly that's always going to be the case as well, regardless of if its F2P ot P2P, a few gold sells to buyers will recoup the money spent even if P2P(or even a fraction of a sell, I played with a person that RMTed literally hundreds of dollars a month in Archeage gold to fund his enhancement gambling problem.) As long as people want it it will be there, that's the problem that will never be solved I'm afraid, because people always want an advantage and don't care how they get it, illegal or not. I'm not afraid to admit I'm poor and I'm playing F2P right now, but once my monthly dis
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