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  1. So basically then it will repeat the same mistakes? Can't wait for Goddess of Destruction update
  2. Aha, i see. So basically the classic version is a graphically remaster of the old areas not just 1x drop rates. But didn't the Live version already remastered all areas? How hard is it to just adjust mob drops and release the whole content as classic?
  3. Just curious, why is every classic server i see always 1.5 or 2.0? NCSoft, Innova, illegal servers, they all let you get the classic experience with half the map removed. For me classic was when i played 10 years ago, i'm not sure if it was C4, C5 or Interlude, but i had all map available. Catacombs, Necropolises, Valley of Saints, Valakas Lair, subclasses, i had everything and it was friking awesome! I admit it was a illegal server (but a very good populated one). There was no L2 Store in it. No P2W elements. Because it was a illegal server all quests short of class quests were disa
  4. Since you can buy SoulShots with IRL money it should not be relevant seeing well equipped C or B grade players. It's not hard to raise money if you are a Pay 2 Win user. By playing with your wallet you get to level up fast and farm very efficient since you don't waste your adena on consumables. So game is extremely P2W since it lets you progress faster than others, and Lineage is all about progression.
  5. 1. I agree, support is well needed and liked but the discussion was about the EU Server where it's hard to raise a low level support with no party since everyone is high level and it costs too much to dual box in order to raise one from scratch 2. Yes, buffs and ss/sps are a privilege, but it should be a privilege you only get in game for your hard work. Not a P2W privilege.
  6. Your argument is solid. But the key phrase is "later on in the game you absolutely need live support players instead of boxed ones". L2 EU doesn't have a fresh start hype to bring new low level players, server is old so everyone is already high. So if you want a buffer you can't level with it, you need to power level it with an alt until it's big. So again same problem, impossible to start on EU without a box. Which brings us back to the 50 euro price range.
  7. I don't understand why you hate boxes so much. There are no players with a full box party, the average is 1 player + 1 box. My question is why don't you consider the box a full player? if you're in the party with a player + his buffer box do you not get his buffs? Do you really want to torture a real person to to play a buffer where his only activity is buff people every 20 minutes then watch Netflix? 25€/3 months becomes 50€/3 months on EU Server because you do need a box to level since population is super low abd everybody is high level so you won't find any party below max level.
  8. WoW someone defending the most P2W company in the world saying it's not P2W. You do realise they sell double damage shots on the store for IRL money. Or straight up damage buffs. Everything that gives the paying user a straight up advantage over the one who doesn't pay for such an advantage is straight up P2W. Most freeloaders would gladly pay a montly fee for a fair competition but what ticks them off is the fact that you have a superiority complex for calling them "freeloaders" despite you destroying the game by alowing such business model. Let me remind you what hapened to the old classic g
  9. +1 for the burn, i can already feel the superior wallet warrior mob forming to defend their p2w practices
  10. If they do open a new server for you it will still be in Texas just like the rest. They will only adjust the timezone to benefit your hours. I'm not sure how you can play smooth since server is on the opposite side of the world. I'm from Europe and had 1500 ping, basically 1.5 second delay to all my actions so i gave up since it was unplayable. We will never be able to play lag-free because NCSoft sold us to the russians. I would say to play lag-free on the EU's Innova server but i can't recommend it since it costs 20 euro/month to dual box there on a old empty server. And if you play witho
  11. You only say that because you play on a fresh server. Even your official l2 server became F2P in time because it couldn't hold on to players still paying monthly subs or get new players after so many years. It's hard for a new player to catch up with the high level players on 1x rates without a box. This game is 14 years old so only a fresh start generates enough hype to bring many new people at once. Without the fresh start hype L2 is just an old game where a new player would feel too left behind to start without seeing many people at his level. EU Skelth is not smart because they could ha
  12. Us europeans don't want to play on the EU Skelth server because it's a dead expensive server. Server is old and empty (probably about 400 players online, they refuse to share the numbers) so you need to dual box because you won't find a party until probably very high level so that 10 euro/month becomes 20euro/month for both windows. 20 euro/month is a lot to play on an empty server, it's not that we are cheap, it's that it's pointless to even start. If they would make an offer so that 10 euro/month would include a box than people would actually afford to play there and servers wouldn't be
  13. Are you suggesting for him to handle this things like an adult? ..Like settle them in court? You do realise that's how adults handle business scams, they sue the living shit out of them.
  14. Unfortunately they can't do nothing because of Innova. As a European i already gave up playing on the Texas server because of the 150-200 ping. It's impossible to dual box since any macro longer than 3 lines makes my box sit still for 3-4 seconds before doing any action. Takes 2 seconds just to attack. NCSoft never had any love for Europe They sold us to the russians who ask 10$ subscriptions per window for a shitty classic version that is so instanced you can't even call it classic.
  15. As a European i quit playing because i find it impossible to play with 1.5 second delay on a Texas server. Especially since i am dual boxing, any macro longer than 3 lines makes my box sit still for 3-4 seconds before he performs an action. It's shame that we don't have a propper classic like this one in Europe since the rights belong there to Innova. Our european classic has a subscription model and since i'm dual boxing i would have to pay 20$ a month for 2 windows which is insane but i would still be willing to pay that for a propper classic like this one. Our version is heavely instanced w
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