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  1. WTB> Karmian Tunic Pattern x7 mail Erida

    Wtb Karmian Tunic Patterns x7 30k each mail Erida
  2. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    sorry sweetheart, but does the mobs in Enchanted Valley drop you Soul Ores and Spirit Ores so u can craft your Shots? Stop defending them.. I'm playing since C2 and I never EVER struggle that much to get my basic needs like shots or teleports! yes crafting was challenging, but that's all
  3. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    GG! Only way to play here is to be nolifer I guess.. OOooohh WAIT now we can start new toons to farm in same 1-35lvl areas, so we can actually buy SS on our mains and teleport to farming areas (Did I just said FARMING, my BAD) This is a JOKE! How come a illegal serevr be better then OFFICIAL ??? ARE U KIDDING WHIT US ? You say it's free to play, but we all pay for VIP status just becaouse u lie to us for EXP boost or Drop rates. BOTs all over the map, no one gives a damn... ok People leaving, no one gives a damn.. ok I wonder if u are SO SMART to keep the rates BROKEN like this so u can make money from ppl who keep paying to buy SS and EXP scrolls, what will happen when those people finally realise that they are extremly sputid to feed your pockets,, hmm This server is DEAD to me ! and you are to blame ! The people who came here to play classic are only old players who feel nostalgic to a game that no longer exist thnkss to uncapable people like u running this parade! Well thank you NC SOFT /WEST or whatever you are calling yourselfs those days, for kicking good and loyal players! All we ever wanted was to pay attention to BOTs, to ban the adena sellers. to FIX the Rates in lvl 40+ areas, and all u ever did was to show us middle finger with a smile. well done, well done indeed!