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  1. About character PIN.

    Can be up to 48h. Normal ticket handling times. Did some of you guys update the tickets from your side?
  2. Hello I noticed lately two issues. 1.: If you have a "Scroll: midgrade xp/sp boost" that is ticking and you activate a "Scroll: regular xp/sp boost" ... the scroll disapears but no boosta ctivated at all.... Can I get my scroll back? or do I need to open ticket? Happened: 12th Feb. 16:00 GMT +1 https://ibb.co/HPdVPFK 2.: There is an Agathion in NCStore 7 days... but it can't be equipped at all. Since it did cost 0 coins is it not so bad.... but I'd still like to see it. https://ibb.co/pyxyKpV
  3. Multiple kill quest items

    The chance for quest Items is around 40% or 50% There was already a month ago a thread about this. The "community" answer was, that L2 is a bit rusted and doesn't recognize fast enough if one or 5 mobs dies at once. I think it also makes a difference if the quest considers party members or not. Quests that only trigger for you do work with AoE, for example AI... the is it no problem that many mobs trigger quest items/counts simultaneous. But when the quests needs to consider multiple members in the party.... then there might be a delay. Who knows... I don't think that this question ever has been answered propperly by NCSoft.
  4. This skill works ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Did you do the DMG test on a undead mob? You should see a difference when you attack an undead mobs with and without holy weapon buff
  5. Just unfair we, only clan left out...

    For how long is this Ticket already active? It can take sometimes 48h till they look at it. And remember, whenever you update the ticket, it will be moved again to the end of the "work list". So, never update a ticket until they responded.
  6. Just unfair we, only clan left out...

    You know that there is a ticket system for such things? They won't answer such things here and to me it looks now like the clan LastKingdom is a bunch of wuzzies.... You should be careful how you represent your clan in public.
  7. SK or Warlord

    I play solo Warlord. Some inputs from my side^^ It's a fun class but really hard to find farming spots because: - bots everywhere till lvl 40 - To be efficient, you need a bigger area... and other players aren't happy about that. - Nukers tend to steal your train or grab some xp with 2 aoe nuked into your train. With 40 you need a lot of supporters >.< skills consume a loot of mana, but they are strong. Buuut, if you find a nice farming spot on the ass of the world, then it's a fun class. But I have seen solo Tanks farming very well by continuous single target hunting. So, not a bad class either and you probably will have less trouble to farm anywhere.
  8. Medusa Augment - BUG

    How do you distinguish the 80 ppl from the 300?
  9. Warlord solo farm lvl 55 / Cemetery

    Lame clip. Who would hae interesst in something like that?
  10. adena drop

    There are areas that have been boosted with Adena drop. And nest, EV, CT... and they fit almost the l2wiki I think... but I can't find the port atm. It's probably somewhere in a Maintenance post.
  11. gm

    what a bad and unclear post -.-
  12. wouldn't Loop-macros just benefit certain classes? For example single target hunters with a box? I dislike the idea of loopen macros.
  13. offline shops

    Still: NO And it hopefully will stay like this. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/10340-offline-store/?tab=comments#comment-80581
  14. Banned Accounts?

    Hmmm... I wouldn't have thought that far... good point.
  15. Banned Accounts?

    A general question to those who got the "ban" meaasge. Does NCSoft not specify why you are banned? For example: "Your accound has been used from different IP adresses, which are locally far apart." "Your account has been banned to to use of 3rd party program/automated hunting in Cruma Marsh lands" "Your accound has been banned for trading Adena with a bot." I mean, that would make things way more clear.