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  1. Recovering broken weapons in OE

    Would be good if the Admins could give a statement to that. This would be definitely a reason for me to quit.
  2. Recovering broken weapons in OE

    So... I get overenchanted weapon back that broke.... Transfer it to a new account and can do the "intended" mistake again?
  3. Hello folks. I have a question. How do you progress next to bots? Or maybe Admins can give inputs here too. @Hime My actual hunting ground is filled with 8 - 12 bots... and they populate... I barely manage to grab any mobs. Atm I have to stop playing L2.... which is very sad for my wasted VIP status my my main and box. Do bot reports via ticket actually work? Someone has experience with it?
  4. VIP 4 is utterly useless

    At least you don't need VIP anymore to be able to log at all. Well, it is with and without VIP a lot of hard work. I play very casual... maybe 1h per day. And I play since 5 weeks or so.... but I still almost reached my top D weapon by lvl 35.... next is Brigandine. For C grade I see kinda dark
  5. VIP 4 is utterly useless

    You come very late notice that the VIP is more or less useless. Had VIP3 for 30lvls. - 2 mid NG weapons - Silver Coins in value of 200k .... yay .....
  6. Probability in spellbooks?

    That sounds all so spooky.... I planned my main char to be Prophet.... I may reconsider...
  7. Yes, it works best with a bunch of social aggro mobs. Step 1: Grab 8 social aggro mobs from your surrounding, which also the bots do hunt. Step 2: Run in close circles around the bot. Step 3: Wait till the bot does eiter attack a mob in your train or the same mob somewhere in the area. Step 4: The bot will catch aggro of the complete train after a few hits. Step 5: Be careful... once the Bot is dead, the train will attack you again. Relog or move away far enough. Unfortunately do bots return automatically to the hunting grounds. So, if you make the effort to kill 6 bots with theis methode..... the first ones will already have returned. Just kill the ones that are directly in your way.
  8. I'm looking for tips since a while, but nobody could tell me. Please enlighten me with your wisdom. I'm a lvl 30 polearm warrior with a PP box.
  9. camera bug ?

    Hardware issue on the mouse? that the click gets stuck?
  10. Well, there was no other way to gather 380k Adena on lvl 23. It was a torture, but everyone said "this is classic".... Maybe the rates would wok better if there weren't so many bots and ppl with millios of Adena from them that can effort 10 top D weapons to overenchant one to +15. Those ppl shoot the prices for mats into the sky -.-
  11. I dunno... I've done the 2 available money quests in Elven Village for 2 weeks straight and managed to buy then a low D weapon. Yes, the progress is hard.... and yeah, I also think there is not enough basic mats drop or spoil. But reaching lvl 40 and average till top D is also for casual ppl possible (like me. I play in average 1h per day) I'm after 2 months lvl 30 and collect money to craft my top D weapon. - The VIP 3 was useless... gave me basic mats in value of 200k.... after 30lvls. Biggest problem are the bots. I barely can find a spot to grond cuz of bots.
  12. Weekend buff nerfed for solo polearm

    The Adena & XP bonus works, since it's a server setting as TDG mentioned. The quest items are a other thing. Heard this report already a few times that L2 is too slow to calculate the quest item drop chance if you kill many mobs at once.... like with polearms. Venom Sac quest still worked well since I didn't one hit them.
  13. Thank You Giran Population

    Well, I don't care for those chars in town. The hunting ground is the important area.. and when I see 80% bots on the fields doint automated hunting..... then the population is 80% bots. basta

    yeah... that sounds very fishy. Like someone made an account to do illegal stuff with wrong information to have no relation to main account. >.>
  15. Issue with summoner profits

    Simple principe on classic: - Monday: lvling 40+ character - Thuesday: hunting Adena in Orc Barracs with low lvl char. - Wednesday: lvling 40+ character - Thursday: hunting Adena in Orc Barracs with low lvl char. - Friday: lvling 40+ character - Saturday: hunting Adena in Orc Barracs with low lvl char. - Sunday: lvling 40+ character Silly logic but done by many players. Very annoing whe you try to hunt your main on lvl 30 and all around you are bots or players with top D gear. It's sad.... and "sad" spelled backwards is "das"... das is German and DAS IST NICHT GUT!