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  1. Clan War System

    definitely agree. if they dont accept war, war should be forced after so many hours , and or the 5 kills. but if war is not declared back then the declared war should be temporary. for example a decs on b. B doesnt dec back, after 24 hours war is forced, and lasts for 72 hours. but if b decs back then war last as long as both guilds have declaration.
  2. Spellbook cost too high

    hello. I have noticed that compared to adena income spellbooks cost way too much. For example lvl 13 life drain skill from fighter costs around 8k adena. some of the level 20 buff books cost 20-40k adena which is more than you make spending 0 adena on anything.
  3. –°ompensation 2

    I agree with helv, although compensation is not absolutely necessary, it would show that they value our time and are willing to compensate us as a means of good customer service. Many of us took time off work/ cancelled plans/ sat all day waiting for the servers which still are not up and have no ETA. Although this is common with mmo releases to some degree, this game has been out for 14 years, and classic has already been out for 3 years. So if Ncsoft wants to be considered on par or subpar to other gaming companies companies like trion that failed to bring up their fresh start servers for archeage then by all means, continue to be "appreciative for our patience." Otherwise giving a reasonable compensation, buffs, xp boost, or event item bonuses does not seem unreasonable.