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  1. fairy island party zone?

    mabe make fairy island a party zone for lvl 105 and higher be nice to have a party zone that gives good exp and the mobs are a bit harder i guess
  2. ok so i was looking at my jewels and saw the description of them change it says patk/mskill crit dmg +15 or what ever %. does that mean that it increases pskill crit dmg and regular attack crit dmg or no?
  3. Unreal Engine 4

    less then 200 live people are on each server atm
  4. Unreal Engine 4

    making the game look better wont make it less pay to win or more fun to play no one is coming back cuz ncsoft put too much pay to win in.
  5. Loosing players!

    ncsoft wont do anything to make the player base raise if they put any free events in for too long it wont make sence for them cuz they will lose too much money and the game will be closed down mabe. honestly they should just make L3 mabe they would get more players in there. and make a better system to stop botting or somthing. But im sure they will stick to their old ways of putting more p2w events in to classic and live its worked well for them so far.
  6. Rare Accessory Box Lv. 3

    sounds like ncsoft to me add somthing that is should last forever cuz of the gambling mechanics and it lasts for 7 days nclols
  7. About the Future of lineage

    If I was you I'd quit this game is basically done. having to spend over 100 dollars to get a upgrade in damage or survivability by 1% is not worth it if you ask me. With the possibility of gambling laws coming in to take out loot boxes this game wont last long. I'm sure you wouldn't want to spend 300 dollars worth of coin for a +12 AMa weapon is alot for ppl.
  8. i wouldn't suggest spending money on an expensive monitor you can play this game on a potato and it you would still get one shotted.
  9. Stuck

    by the time you hit 100 you still wont be able to afford anything so id say quit while you still have time to waste doing somthing else.
  10. Red Libra Event

    if i were any of you id quit and play any other mmorpg game in the market no update will make this game fun or entertaining. augmenting jewels lmao ok spend 1k to get a decent augment that increases your damage by 1% and pvp the 14 people left on the servers
  11. which class should i play?

    there is no one to pvp in classic so its all pve
  12. Blade Dancer: Dance of Vampire

    vr dosnt work like it used to though its a chance of getting your health back on hit instead of actually getting the health back every time you hit
  13. Class status: Gladiator

    ive watched some pvp for gladiator on youtube they seem better in classic servers then in live they have ranged stun skill that can critical and most of the heavy damage skills can do skill crit only downside is you would have to -12 dex or more which would make you have a slower attack speed
  14. Classic or Live?

    if you like fantasy role playing game play elder scrolls, online mmos are a waste of time and money if you want to be top in any of them you have to pay money no skill is required here just money.