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  1. which class should i play?

    there is no one to pvp in classic so its all pve
  2. Blade Dancer: Dance of Vampire

    vr dosnt work like it used to though its a chance of getting your health back on hit instead of actually getting the health back every time you hit
  3. Class status: Gladiator

    ive watched some pvp for gladiator on youtube they seem better in classic servers then in live they have ranged stun skill that can critical and most of the heavy damage skills can do skill crit only downside is you would have to -12 dex or more which would make you have a slower attack speed
  4. Classic or Live?

    if you like fantasy role playing game play elder scrolls, online mmos are a waste of time and money if you want to be top in any of them you have to pay money no skill is required here just money.
  5. Banhammer and bots

    i find if you want to play an mmo without bots play any game that is not an mmo or just go outside and know that all games have shit in them while you do something with your life
  6. i tested and you can only have +5 stats and no higher i thought i read you could go to +15 i guess not
  7. Plz fix spell book drops I've gotten 5 full drops to 0 spell book drops in the last 50 + hours of grinding for spellbooks
  8. classic server in 1 year?

    ya thats what i was asking about idk about the gear being in l2 store or not but i saw all the packs and stuff in his inventory. Along with empty brooch slot and other things so mabe classic l2 will turn out to be god but max lvl is 85.
  9. is this all pay to win items?
  10. classic server skills?

    does that mean that anchor for necromancers will be op again ><
  11. will warriors have rush skill at lvl 40?
  12. what they are hoping for basicly is a restart evry one goes back to lvl 1 on the new servers everything seems fair and then l2 store comes and boom they make more money its a great idea any one still playing this game after all the things they do to their customers are shooting themselfs in the foot you can get top gear but they will just add a new server that all lower lvls will go to and all their top geared players will sit watching their shiney gear and wonder what it was all for.
  13. Bye Bye To ALL .. Good Luck And Have Fun

    dosnt surprise me theres nothing to do once you hit 100+ just pvp against people who paid just as much as you or mabe more and none of them want to leave town
  14. SA for armors

    put slots into armors to put soul cry into make a bunch of money off your dumbass players