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  1. i dont see why you should be able to war clan that has no chance to fight back even if there are 1 or 2 members with top gear. you are just wanting to bully people out of game. when you cause trouble for other people and then get smacked you can start war so you lose less exp.
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    this same event on core server didnt go well for any one that participated gl to the people funding a greedy company that could care less if top players stop spending. they just want the money of the the new blood that enter the game.
  3. what Jewel's for Archer?

    pauina eternal ring olimpiad ring. both give 15% pskill crit dmg not the best for mdef but +30% pskill crit dmg is pretty good. paulina eternal ring is in R grade armor pack in l2 store lasts about 30 days. costs less than a +6 angel ring and or +ed fallen angle ring which both cost over 50bill each. the rest im not sure what the best is.
  4. Update with next maintenance

    this update is gonna be shyt cuz of VR being basically taken out of the game with vr resist mobs gl lvling without healer or buffer in party now.
  5. $250 worth of ncoin +50B and still no legendary cloak please becareful of ncsoft scamming you
  6. Weapon Appearance

    welcome to ncsoft where decisions don,t make sense
  7. so i went to the black smith mammon to bloody my gear and it asks for energy of destruction which is no longer a drop or anything in the game is there another way?
  8. fairy island party zone?

    mabe make fairy island a party zone for lvl 105 and higher be nice to have a party zone that gives good exp and the mobs are a bit harder i guess
  9. ok so i was looking at my jewels and saw the description of them change it says patk/mskill crit dmg +15 or what ever %. does that mean that it increases pskill crit dmg and regular attack crit dmg or no?
  10. Unreal Engine 4

    less then 200 live people are on each server atm
  11. Unreal Engine 4

    making the game look better wont make it less pay to win or more fun to play no one is coming back cuz ncsoft put too much pay to win in.
  12. Loosing players!

    ncsoft wont do anything to make the player base raise if they put any free events in for too long it wont make sence for them cuz they will lose too much money and the game will be closed down mabe. honestly they should just make L3 mabe they would get more players in there. and make a better system to stop botting or somthing. But im sure they will stick to their old ways of putting more p2w events in to classic and live its worked well for them so far.
  13. Rare Accessory Box Lv. 3

    sounds like ncsoft to me add somthing that is should last forever cuz of the gambling mechanics and it lasts for 7 days nclols