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  1. juji and hime only run forums i dont think they can do anything with events thats ncsofts part for being a terribly greedy company id say worse than EA.
  2. keep spening money and mabe the problem will be fixed i doubt it though lol.
  3. the version that we play on doesn't matter ncsoft only cares about the korean version its fun to watch all the big dogs compalin when they spend 1-3k irl money to get a bunch of scrolls that increase exp lol. also a lot of people on the l2 community have a huge superiority complex read hero shout its kind of funny they think the world revolves around them.
  4. lol when a scammer get scammed is pretty satisfying
  5. welcome to the l2 experiance +10 R99 was the best now +10 R110 and next +10 R120 if you cant keep up with the expensiveness id suggest you play another game this game is run by money thirsty jokes. btw i dont mean to come off like an ass in the first part but it is the way of l2 now.
  6. lol all castle owners complain that no one shows up to castle in a game where an entire siege field can be killed by one person how boring.
  7. bring back summon buffs for party? humans increase skill crit dmg regular crit dmg skill crit rate. elves increase mskill power mskill crit rate mcrit dmg. dark elves increase pdef mdef sheild def rate?. only 1 buff can be applied at a time like the Iss buffs
  8. Mabe if you share more of your money with ncsoft they will think about doing somthing highly doubt it though.
  9. i would guess the other option may be straight up being able to change your main class to another one like you can with your dual class. but you lose your skill enchants and skills learned with rune stones/greater runes tones but only a guess
  10. the balance they talk about is the bank balance they get from people paying
  11. these tales should of been left untold they suck.
  12. will you guys get rid of the bowing to top loser in game when they port into town. or atleast make it so they also have to be hero. imagine being top in game and not being hero lol
  13. i think bread libra is coming in august but i also heard its was supposed to come July so who knows it may not come till next year
  14. i dont see why you should be able to war clan that has no chance to fight back even if there are 1 or 2 members with top gear. you are just wanting to bully people out of game. when you cause trouble for other people and then get smacked you can start war so you lose less exp.
  15. this same event on core server didnt go well for any one that participated gl to the people funding a greedy company that could care less if top players stop spending. they just want the money of the the new blood that enter the game.
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