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  1. LvL 30 DW>SH LF CP

    Bump, lvl32 now.
  2. LvL 30 DW>SH LF CP

    As it says, Im trying to find some CP. Time of farming is not the issue, all time zone suits me, just looking for some good Clan or CP that plays a lot each day. Feel free to PM me here, or just PM ingame "Justitija
  3. Prepare for trade (Dark Elf Village) 15+ quest is bugged, it gives you option to choose between Soulshots and Spiritshots, problem is the one you choose it will give you the other one. This way I got 2k Soulshots instead Spiritshots that I choose to receive as reward. Would be nice if someone could exchange them for me now. Since Im out of shots to attack mobs, while I got 2k useless ones because of the bug...