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  1. Just ridiculous what's going on. Jätke vahele week, and nothing was solved. Kvaliteetne probleem Ncsoft West? I think Great truth and lacking competing people to take up and solve.
  2. Any suggestions on another classic server?
  3. Do you really think you believe that NCSoft is worried about the players ?? hahahah wake up, they are not even ae.
  4. And what will ensure that using WTFast an NCsoft will not end up banning an account ?? After all is what makes the most, ban account of those who do not use BOT and leave the true BOTS free.
  5. Why do not you guys seem to be saying everything to us ?? And by the way Hime, how about the NCsoft team start treating their players with the least of consideration.
  6. Well, I believe that what is happening here, is also happening with several other players. After this maintenance I was no longer able to enter the game, when it goes to the server selection screen a message appears that the client needs to be closed. My question is: How much longer does NCSoft intend to make the agent lose time and money, without even giving us an explanation if they are working to solve the problem ?? Many who have spent money on vip 4 like me are being harmed and I do not see this company worrying about anything. Too sad.
  7. Give up, they are not at all worried whether you have been harmed or not. They block accounts randomly for a program that crashes, and they send you that little automatic e-mail.
  8. And nothing of NCSoft to pronounce .... They are only worried about the same profit.
  9. Again the NCsoft team does not have the least attention to the players, or at least give clarification on what is happening. Just one thing, I never spend 1 cent on this game until NCsoft learns to value our time invested here and our money ..
  10. Yes, the few who managed to log in, are lag absurd.
  11. It really is a reference to NCSOFT nor at least to pronounce on the problems they are having. And on top of that, they print topics when they do not like what we write. Lag since yesterday, and now after the maintenance, to the end, only ERROR
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