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  1. Hello, just realized that the xp given from Evil Eye Seer and Kasha Imp at Southern Region of Orc village is wrong. Average xp given is 76-83 which is extremely low for a level 16 mob. Also checked the wiki and the xp should be around 800. Please check it since these mobs are essential for the chain newbie quest.
  2. Bruh server is located in NA. EU is supported too but play at your own risk (Currency, time, ping).
  3. Tyrant/Titan also have AoE skills which is essential in order to xp some levels fast with AoE pts. PR+PP is solid too though. I dont like daggers in 1.5 (kinda underpowered) but its my opinion.
  4. If you choose ES, i suggest to box a PP and you will be fine. (BD OR SWS is optional) With SPS you gonna need SE and a PP imo. Also have in mind that xp/2 chars in pt xp multiplies x1.6. Having 3 chars in pt xp multiplies x1.65.
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