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  1. This game has stopped receiving updates. - There is no map expansion. - There is no addition of new raid boss and quest like (subclass, nobles, hellbound, draconic and ic set as it was in varkas) - There is no news. This game became dying, and it is only here to promote an event to raise money. Who still plays and spends no money on this game can't see that in terms of fun this game is delivering 0% Let us be realistic classic Lineage2 died after the launch of the L2 GOD. Not even GMs can respond exactly as the old team did. Unfortunately I quit my addiction a
  2. The game you want to play is in the past. Believe me, that game that ended in 2012, died in 2012,. But don't expect attention here, this isn't Lineage 2, it's something to grow money.
  3. This game has never been Lineage2 Classic This game is a box to raise money. Lineage2 ended when they released GOD. I don't know why they are crying. Classic Lineage2 is over, what we have today is a purchase box.
  4. Selling power level has never been prohibited. Using bot and script is really prohibited and needs to be punished. However, the administration will do nothing, as these players invest 10x more than you and me. For the company NCSOFT, it is better to keep someone who invests a thousand dollars a month than to keep 10 who do not invest anything and live complaining on the forums. Furthermore, without these players, we would all be leveled down. Learn, this is a game for power, and power requires investment of time and money.
  5. You complain about these players who charge 20kk because you are unable to play against them. They invest time, money, want this among the best. And you invest your time in complaining about the best. Typical loser who doesn't understand the essence of the game. The game will not be leveled down, so that a loser like you has a chance of success. They are right, they have equipment and are able to sell power level for adena, unlike you who have no condition and are complaining in the forums. Before saying that I am their friend, I don't know them, because I play in
  6. Anyone else has a problem with lag, I can barely play, I just logged in the char is paralyzed and disconnects. I tried on two different internet providers. (NET and Algar Brazil)
  7. A matter of time before the server merge with Giran and then close like Skelth, they manipulate their players' addiction by selling items at exorbitant prices giving the impression that they will be invincible and in real life poor
  8. It will be no different here. Unfortunately we will have to accept that they don't even care for the classic. The best thing to do is to look for other games or play until the end of the server without buying NCCOIN
  9. Do not come to play here, follow the topic fix the server, if they fix it, I recommend, otherwise, do like me and my clan, I was playing other games.
  10. This topic was opened on March 1st. So far we have had two responses. We will take complaints to the developers. Please respect the code of conduct. Kindness, we have already done our part, what are you waiting for? Developers are able to provide an answer in less than 24 hours, and 15 days have passed and no concrete response has been made.
  11. I will be honest with you JUJI and we know that your answer will be evasive. We don't believe you. You are slow, you don't feel confident and we are tired of your administration. You could let another professional work for you. After all these days, are you writing another standard answer? Sincerely, WE DO NOT WANT YOU AS ADMINISTRATOR OF THE CLASSIC SERVER. Doubt? Opens a poll.
  12. JUJI so far has not answered anyone, meanwhile he is taking questions from the LIVE session. Sad to see how we are treated.
  13. Since you are enjoying the suggestions, I think it's time to give an answer. We are waiting, we are tired and are discouraged.
  14. +1 only However an observation, if the classic were well configured we could have 3,000 more players and a community of 528,000 players. Just log in and view this information on the twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Lineage II
  15. I wonder when the answer will be given? Because we always listen: * We like feedback * But nothing is done, just nothing, even I would like to work in a company like this
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