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  1. It will be no different here. Unfortunately we will have to accept that they don't even care for the classic. The best thing to do is to look for other games or play until the end of the server without buying NCCOIN
  2. VIP 7 500 euro?

    Do not come to play here, follow the topic fix the server, if they fix it, I recommend, otherwise, do like me and my clan, I was playing other games.
  3. Server Fix !

    This topic was opened on March 1st. So far we have had two responses. We will take complaints to the developers. Please respect the code of conduct. Kindness, we have already done our part, what are you waiting for? Developers are able to provide an answer in less than 24 hours, and 15 days have passed and no concrete response has been made.
  4. Server Fix !

    I will be honest with you JUJI and we know that your answer will be evasive. We don't believe you. You are slow, you don't feel confident and we are tired of your administration. You could let another professional work for you. After all these days, are you writing another standard answer? Sincerely, WE DO NOT WANT YOU AS ADMINISTRATOR OF THE CLASSIC SERVER. Doubt? Opens a poll.
  5. Server Fix !

    JUJI so far has not answered anyone, meanwhile he is taking questions from the LIVE session. Sad to see how we are treated.
  6. Server Fix !

    Since you are enjoying the suggestions, I think it's time to give an answer. We are waiting, we are tired and are discouraged.
  7. Server Fix !

    +1 only However an observation, if the classic were well configured we could have 3,000 more players and a community of 528,000 players. Just log in and view this information on the twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Lineage II
  8. Server Fix !

    I wonder when the answer will be given? Because we always listen: * We like feedback * But nothing is done, just nothing, even I would like to work in a company like this
  9. Server Fix !

    This is my fear, maybe someone within the game management will profit from selling adena. That's why nobody does anything. NCSoft is playing a very bad role, the provision of service is terrible, I do not complain about BOTs, because all the games have, but I complain about the configuration aimed at purchase, very bad, maybe the solution will be to find another server, since the administrators read our suggestions and did not manifest.
  10. Server Fix !

    It seems that it’s not just LINEAGE2 players who suffer from NCSOFT’s lack of dedication See this open letter to NCSOFT. What we have left is to give another 2 weeks of chance if nothing is done, we will be forced to change servers. https://www.reddit.com/r/PlayMXM/comments/6yo39c/attnncsoft_an_open_letter_to_ncsoft_management/
  11. Server Fix !

    They close their eyes to customer complaints. Read the forum, several closed topics. They completely ignore our suggestions. I am completely in love with this game, I was never a hero, an ordinary player, but very discouraged with the current state of the game.
  12. Server Fix !

    Ask a friend. Or rather, let's try to find out the social network of the head of the JUJI or email. Something needs to be done. The game is impractical. And all the movements stop at the laziness table from the administrators.
  13. Server Fix !

    If it is not done, we need to find out the email, phone number of any NCSoft boss who can take action, because whoever is there today has not taken any action since the opening of the server.
  14. Server Fix !

    I agree with everything, this game is part of my life, I play this game is 15 years old. I graduated from college, got married, had a son, saw my mother die and this game and the friends inside it helped me a lot in all phases of my life. If JUJI does not want to work in the classic that offers the vacancy to someone who wants, because the configuration of the server is worse than illegal servers. I am signing with Wody, my ingame enemy, but very sensible in all his words. As of today, me and all the players in my clan will not buy NCoin until all changes have been made. If not, we can only look for another server. (Sorry for the mistakes, I used google translator)
  15. Kain

    I played kain The server that had the best PVP New this clan of shit, came to ask ally for YeahRight. they are aware that YeahRight will dominate everything. Remembering that KAIN had a party BR that never lost to any other party. Hikimaru and Gnits are born leaders, so HITCHA came to ask for help at the beginning of the server. I voted against this alliance, but they just want to win.