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  1. We can't buy the launch pack

    Do you have any proof of them knowing about this bug? There's no information about this that they are fixing it or looking into it.
  2. We can't buy the launch pack

    Wow can't believe this. After all this time no response..
  3. Can't purchase the Journey Pack for 800 NCoins

    good answer, good answer.
  4. We can't buy the launch pack

    Hello guys?
  5. We can't buy the launch pack

    NCsoft are you aware that people are unable to buy the launch pack? Me and my friends tried for 10 hours still same error. "This item has limited availability"
  6. Classic Launch Packs FAQ AGAIN!

    Hello ncssoft? i am trying to buy it for the last 10 hours can you please make it work?
  7. Chronicle pack