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  1. I think no one bot here, cuz get back these levels for bot should be very easy. but Hime wrote that this is a problem form NCsoft with these bans, and they looking for solution
  2. yeah its must be something wrong with my mouse instead of that anticheat
  3. hahaahah so do it then, for me this antycheat is abnormal buy new mouse to play on server
  4. Its called its driver for my mouse "Bloody 6" so i need to buy new mouse to play on this server xD? without that driver my mouse will stop working lol
  5. I never used any botting program in that game, i dont have any reason to looking for these programs what they called "Suspicious", cuz everything on pc is important for me and needed in work. Maybe they should loosen this bot instead of asking player to uninstall everything what this "antycheat" thinks is "Suspicious" program. And that happens when i trying to take free spirit shots from official website
  6. Same here, and check what happens when i try to get spiritshots from thier website for quest This shit banning everyone Dont take items from web when you are in game cuz this shit banning for no reason
  7. And make this server P2W? its not better to make its B2P or monthly abonament? instead of doing Truly p2w system? w/o Vip you cant do nothing.
  8. Yeah this is hardcore gaming for true men's said guy with Vip 4, Runes and over 10k NCcoins
  9. I know that servers can have some inssues at start but really? random bans? i think i was only one but i see there is many ppl with same problem.
  10. @LK_ Same here, its something wrong with that server. but only i got that on char who sitting on ass and selling items in gludin
  11. Hello i have problem with my account, i got banned but dont know what is reason of ban? yesterday i logged out normally and now i cant log in to server, there is no reason why my account got locked, and game asking me to contact with you via email.
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