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  1. Many people feel sentiment to this game and NCsoft exploit this in a terrible way. Game itself which they offer here is a trash.
  2. Fate of Power bugged

    Also pet's attacks don't activate Fate of Power, so this talisman is kinda useless for summoners.
  3. New launcher.

    I don't understand why game before had 19GB and now i can't fit it on my SSD drive with 38GB free space. My hands are just shaking, whatever you do NCsoft it's always fail..................
  4. This is what i am talking about. We just want some exp from Fioti and its even more fair if you disable +16 weapon reward, this reward was too high. Juji, please be more active at forum
  5. event abuse

    They do, 1th and 2th day they clean event in few seconds too. But NCsoft will do nothing about that. If you analyze this you will realize that Adrenalina users are profitable for them.
  6. event abuse

    Not the first time.
  7. They don't care. Even if so many players have left they are okay with money they still get from those who stay. Nothing will change, accept this or leave.
  8. 1st night of Olympiad

    Pay more $ maybe someday you will win 1 game
  9. How even someone could add such skill to the game. Now tanks are able to pull multiple NOT FLAGGED players for example during the raid barrier to regen its full hp. Ncsoft will you even stop killing this game?
  10. I have reported several times harassment by few players who share 1 account with PK character 76+ to kill people during the farm. I have been pk-ed 5 times over last 3 days by this character but GM's are saying that this is part of the game. Fine. So if i can suggest something: 1. block teleport for PK characters. 2. add to game and to L2store Blessed Scroll of Resurection which restore 100% exp.
  11. I see they started delete posts which are not supporting their new update so i will not comment this again NCwest censorship ON
  12. I have got pk-ed i lost ~7% exp and my box lost ~2% exp. Same 78 levels, is it not funny? So we dont lose 4% anymore?
  13. Can You all understand...

    You are wrong. NCwest had some special features here from the beginig, like disabled looping macro, 3 clients restiction, no drop items after dead, no adena for 0-40 teleports. So they can order some changes. I think they can for example disabled ingame bot and looping macro, global gatekeeper and keep classic as classic, but they dont want.
  14. Dude are you serious? You think casual player will be able to farm like adena sellers? Do you realize they have active dozen or more accounts 24/7? And now they can do it legaliy beacuse nowbody will ban them.