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  1. They just did this, and looks like players still buy NCoins like crazy. This pay to win system with inside bot works for NCSoft well so they are not going to change anything. I guess there is no point to hope for change and to bind future with this server.
  2. You can only imagine now full buffed tank/dd vs wc/prophet, and they say something about class balance Also you will need aditional buffers accounts for pre-buff yourself before you enter olympiad or beg someone to buff you up. I only hope @Juji is wrong, because with this features i don't see a point for olympiad anymore. It really looks like NCsoft already lost touch with content of this game.
  3. Wow! Impossible to believe that this is really happening on official L2 server.
  4. 20% is nothing, Only botters who farm 24/7 will feel difference.
  5. "As part of the change affecting all regions, buffs and potions can now be used in Olympiad." Give me a break NCsoft Just remove olympiad and give hero status to those who make more pvp every each week. After few seconds of consideration, just remove this whole Lineage 2 classic project and start it as a whole new game, with name maybe : "Lineage Space Adventures 2" because NOTHING here fits classic description anymore.
  6. Soon Ncsoft will publish earnings of 2th quarter 2019, so we will see if they still get money after those trash last updates.
  7. So what it has to do with Classic Lineage 2 features? Anybody likes this at Classic?
  8. I play here since day one. I have reported maybe 20 times adrenalina users, some with strong evidences, and support did nothing. Gave me always copy+paste answer, and that's all. Don't make people believe someone cares here for server to be clean, because this is a lie.
  9. I tell you this. Make low level character and go any low level zone and try to PK people. You will see that 99% of them are not on macro, but on bot software. They start to heal each other, resurrect, and even if you PK them they come back to the same place in 1-2 minutes. Same is on high level zones, specially on catacumbs. So please don't say that everybody are using macro.
  10. @Juji are you going to remove Feather of Blessing item when Red Libra event ends?
  11. Haha, you have to see it for yourself. If you will find ANYTHING similar to real classic from old days, let us know
  12. You should figure out how to start 9 accounts by yourself and make them run 24/7 or spend hundreds dollars and have fun at least for few weeks, because for the long term without boxes you will not survive here. The key is to have your own full party online, They will not change this, sad but true. NCsoft earnings are good for last 9 months, somehow this system of L2bot is working good for them, and as long as it's profitable they will keep it. You can check on NCsoft web page earnings releases, they publish them for public.
  13. Cake Event vs Daily Scrolls for 71+ : total XP from cake event = 13 440 kk / total XP from scrolls = 3 500 kk total SP from cake event = 224 kk / total XP from scrolls = 0 BUT L2 STORE EVENTS ALWAYS WORK JUST FINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. How many adena can make 1 bot full party per hour? Can anybody help me also to answer this : what party setup what bot levels where is best place to farm adena what is the best way to start 9 L2 clients
  15. Many people feel sentiment to this game and NCsoft exploit this in a terrible way. Game itself which they offer here is a trash.
  16. Also pet's attacks don't activate Fate of Power, so this talisman is kinda useless for summoners.
  17. I don't understand why game before had 19GB and now i can't fit it on my SSD drive with 38GB free space. My hands are just shaking, whatever you do NCsoft it's always fail..................
  18. This is what i am talking about. We just want some exp from Fioti and its even more fair if you disable +16 weapon reward, this reward was too high. Juji, please be more active at forum
  19. They do, 1th and 2th day they clean event in few seconds too. But NCsoft will do nothing about that. If you analyze this you will realize that Adrenalina users are profitable for them.
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