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  1. Does it get better at lvl 40+?

    all day almost ALL RAID bosses area killed, sa u only keep HIT outside party, outside Command Channel. Dont need be in the same group. Do a test. Hit for 5 or 10 in. I Will gain 500k ~2kk exp when boss die. do party with your DD and buffer and go hit raid bosses. u dont need be inside the clan / ally / party to got EXP / SP from him.
  2. Does it get better at lvl 40+?

    Only open map and look for raid bosses. Its very normal ppl kill raid 40+ on map u can show who is live or death
  3. Spellbook Quest (Another Wish)

    5kk in 1 week its easy ; )
  4. Had to share my failure....

    i fell your pain .; ( I never more put a weapon ++. since hellbound / gracia , tru to make may sword s80 +4 to ative bonus for sws. broke 4 times to +4 ; ( And yesterday a lot of ppl put weapons +15 + 16. ; (
  5. Spoils & Drops Mobs

    Hi its a WIKIA from l2 Classic EUROPE, OFficial EUROPE Server. So, its OK, maybe they has news itens, like RUNE ( old SA ) But in basicaly its all correct. The smae mob,s in same spots and drops / spoil.
  6. Spoils & Drops Mobs

    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Main_Page its not official but help its from Oficial EU Classic. Get the SPOIL RATE and MINUS 70% so its +- our spoil rate. IF spoil 10 - 20 itens, prepare for spoil 3 or nothing.
  7. why not more quest for exp?

    Mas look for raidbosses on map nas ks they when some clã os party doing.
  8. Are the CH worth it?

    Apex pay 700kk in 1 CH. If they do because of siege omg.

    I dont now are u guys is so mad. Supremacy is the real no Life clan. They realy take the "play l2" tô other world. Maybe is better they leave isf and do another side but its more easy only star on same place But our party is pretty simple. Each 1 of party has 1 main char. 1 core / orfen. 1 aq. We play all together 3 ~ 5 hour day. When start raid boss. Each one log 1 main char ( your main char) log 1 tyrant and 1 aq toon. This on Server start. Because u can finish aq in 1 month. So +1 month to ks tyrant to 40 to 52 ( and doing Daylies) We only do epic when someone are on game or discord and see the boss UP so they all party on a group Skype and who can log showup. All epic take ah MAXIMUM 2 Song dance tô dia. Queen ant die in 3 min. With 1 fish empower already do 5 queen ant. So a lot of member from my CP its reseacher ( university teacher) , lawyer, bussinesman, médic so its not harder take 10 min on PC to do something fast.
  10. Down lever and lost skill??

    omg dont do this. sell this crap suportes and got ohter on the same lvl. Oo. i THING delevel char 5 or more lvl u LOST the skill so u will lose the BOOk ( expansive one )
  11. Does it get better at lvl 40+?

    go to the MAP bosses. Its posible get 0-40 in 3 days not that hard. Spot 40+ its a LOT free space on map. buy 2 or 3 cursed dagger D grade, and bleeding the bosses. u got EXP and SP. a LOT. with spoiler lvl 39, scroll buff 1 job, i got 450k each boss. each boss take long 3 or 7 min.

    ISF Team has 130 or 150 on Command Channel. at MINIMUN 3 or 4 party with TOON to epic bosses tyr lvl 50, alt Archers ( PK TOONS ) lvl 55. etc. maybe 90 ~ 100 players in 10 or 11 CP. Until que Ally X, or NOVA, or APEX, dont build your clan on CP based, they will not WIN. Each party MUST HAVE AQ toons, ORFEN / CORE Toons ( DD and song dance as same lvl ) They need play as party, not a party "who wanna EXP now ?" if u has 3 online of your group each one log 3 account and DONE. all party doing bosses and EXP and clan stuff. its not than complicate. Epic boss u can find respawn on google. But u need be serius, Focus on game. on ISF all toon has 15 days to get 68, or will be penalized, has party with toon 61 and they will be done. sorry for crap english. Buts its boring has a Ally with 350+ on CC doing nothing against 1 ally with 100 on CC.
  13. English speaking clans. do they exist

    its a Brazilian Server ><
  14. Can't get past server selection

    cmon. all fk day. we lost bosses and a lot of content. make this boss works.... ; (
  15. Party Matching now death?

    this toll never work. all my history on l2 this space are use to selling stuff. its not great, but its it. If the toll are good, they ll use for LF Party or EXP group.