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  1. if u alone, do a tyrant or titan or archer do EXP bd, but BD its nor very dificult to find live party. But If u like to play by yourself, do a Good melee or archer and will be fine. Archer = dark elf elemental sumoner = white elf tyrant or TITan. They hit very very good with a PP and dancer buffs;
  2. unlock and Thief Keys - Giran Server

    CORE its s EPIC raid boss. SOme cla or party camp for 5 ~10h the boss, like 3 time in week ( respawn ). So if u not will open the door for thoses guys i didnt need level the skill.
  3. Enchanting

    man, the database its not from NA Server, its from EU server and they are a lot of path. ITs more easy get full drops on plains of dion or cruma marshlands ( gloves and boots ), crystalize and change on LUXURY SHOP ( giran ) for EWD od EAD. Those dawrfs with a lot fo EWD / EAD maybe its from guys killing raid bosses. not normal drops.
  4. server rate are like 30% from other oficial rates.
  5. Your 50-coin Rewards

    yeal its a good % u got. 2 or 3 friends change 5k coin and geting only 2 tablet
  6. Spoil Rates

    spoil = shit. my party only have a spoil because we need a lot stuff ( craft for our 15 char -+ ) and need rec and armors parts. but, looking other oficial servers, like in catacombs or necropolis, we spoil 30 ~40 an. bones, coal those basic mats, and on NA we like spoil 6 ~10. look, like, mobs with 50% do spoil mats, we spoil like 100 mobs, activated spoil and get nothing in about 80%. Dont waste your time doing Spoil. Mate buffer + Dancer + DD. U need kill fast 2 or 3 hits on green mobs. and try make extra EXP or SP on raids bosses. All raids bosses die all day, so just go KS on bosses and kill somes green mobs. Archer ( dark elf), tyrant, tita, elemental summoner are good classes to easy EXP and better profit.
  7. gludio siege ; ) with 1 castle we dont have PVP ; ) ( talking island ) with 4 castle each cla go to 1 castle and GG.
  8. How to "make" adena?!

    kill 1x HP mobs. die with 2 or 3 hit.
  9. WTB BOP

    maybe try PM Josedio. the master of BoP. already sold 15 or +. he aways have 1 on WH.
  10. How to get d grade items early?

    thise game its not like other MMORPG. like WOW and other u grind u got your lvl ARMOR and weapon ( not the TOP TOP from those lvl, but better them u start). L2 its a bleep system drop. U will only take D drop itens, on spot lvl 30++ ands its harder, maybe gloves and low bots are more easy om cruma mash, plains of dion, but WEAPON its realy harder, drop more easy on PARTISAN. But, no go EXP w8 for drop. We already stay 1 intire week on same spot, like 10 or 15h day, and didnt get any full drop. So, ites better, got adena and buy a weapon MID or TOP from Vendor ( giran or arden )They selling the second better weapon from D grade ( the TOP D grade only craft ou drop boss ). U need grind adena and buy from players or shop. I thing weapon D grade mid starter them 500k , and the TOP weapons its lke 3,5kk ( damage like 100 p.atack) lvl 20 its good to go in Got o plains of dio ( outside city) easy mobs, not social mobs and mats for spoil. Kill madragoas its good to, after plains of dion spot. Abondonec camp its good to. till 25 +-. Kill GREEN mobs, its goob, because they die faster, kill with 2 or 3 hit, u can try OVER HIT with stun u got ++ exp when kill. OR OR, got adena for a Cursed Mainguace ( dagger D grade ) go to the bosses on map and hit after other cla starter kill. Its easy got 100k till 600k with little buffs and shit weapons.
  11. Max lvl

    what ?? my party do reroll ant lvl 65 ( archer party ) we already at lvl 70 on Poney. We are not hardcore players ( like other ) and already EXP all main party. and we have a tyrant party full B + b weapon lvl 52, and another mage party lvl 40, full top C. its easy in 1 day, doing 100kk on EXP. With FULL party.
  12. Cant find any A armor recipes on WIKIA.
  13. L2 wiki

    is this wiki. NA classic dosent build a wiki. only got the drops and spoil and in game will be only 30% from original value.
  14. big head its nice man. its a fun agu.
  15. Does it get better at lvl 40+?

    all day almost ALL RAID bosses area killed, sa u only keep HIT outside party, outside Command Channel. Dont need be in the same group. Do a test. Hit for 5 or 10 in. I Will gain 500k ~2kk exp when boss die. do party with your DD and buffer and go hit raid bosses. u dont need be inside the clan / ally / party to got EXP / SP from him.