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  1. WTS sand bomb sb

    WTS sand bomb sb. pm Crypt.
  2. wts ancient reagent. 2.5m or obo. has crystal value of 1.8m 72 m attack. or wtt for elven long sword.
  3. idc what you have installed. i care what they said. how do you know what is causing your account to be blocked?
  4. How do you know that it was caused by synapse? did they tell you that explicitly?
  5. Did they explicitly tell you that synapse was not allowed?
  6. This launch was almost as bad as the Halo MCC launch, and that is saying something.
  7. Event suggestion

    It blows my mind that people are complaining about not being able to buy D grade 5 days after launch. form a party and go grind. We have bought 4 weapons and have seen a few full drops. you arent going to get drops killing solo mobs. I played l2 for like 8 years and never personally saw a weapon drop.
  8. No qeue If you buy a pack?

    im vip 4 and never had a queue
  9. Macro Help

  10. Macro Help

    Does anyone know why a keyboard macro would not work inside the l2 client? My friend's macros are working fine. I am using a cm storm trigger. Thanks.
  11. Put packs back in

    The FAQ on the main site (not the forums) even said that packs would be available until october 16th. Now that is taken down too.
  12. Class to start

    buffers are guaranteed parties. bd/sws/wc/pp/ol
  13. just built a new one. 8th gen i3 (its my understanding l2 can only really take advantage of 2 cores.) m.2 pcie 3x4 nvme drive (probably the most important thing for l2) 8 gb ram 2400 6780 1gb gpu on live I can walk through the towns on high detail with minimum dropped frames. if i turn on shadows i lag just a little.
  14. 5 boxes of cheez its some beer set up 1 button press pizza order built a new computer took the next 5 days off (my party members have the next 12 days off) bag of candy pack of water (gotta stay hydrated)
  15. Launch Pack Questions

    bump. i've seen a lot of conflicting information out there about this. if anyone could post an official source, i would really appreciate it.