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  1. @Hime @Juji Anything else to say? I think it is a bit bigger problem you have here than the answer you gave us. As you can see, even this thread already caused people to leave L2. This and the fact that they could't understand, the so called solution is not immediate. Well, that is another problem. I mean, when you have a customer pool of thousands of people and let them rot just cuz it's weekend and after that you tell them, "The effects may not be noticeable immediately." well... that ain't marketing. I don't know what your point is anymore in L2, but i think we deserve a statement.
  2. Yes, and that should solve everything. Like same number of players in queue, just for money. Good idea, worth spreding. NOT
  3. Got in after 14 hours... with wrong acc.
  4. Bit too simple your math. 40 sec = 2/3 mins ~ 0.67
  5. There is just no no point logging in. I somehow managed to get in the server (Giran) after about 13 hours of waiting, but it's like a private l2 apocalypse. Literally every 5-7 seconds, the chat looks like this: https://ibb.co/homujU This stage of "developement" is like when private servers reach a point, where bots, adena sellers and "people" like these just take the server. I've seen lots of examples, but usually after about 2-3 months. NCsoft managed to hasten the process and nailed it in less than a weak, well... I'll be damned... There is a pretty serious difference between
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