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  1. No it doesn't require 3 times the amount of 56-57, more like 35ish% more. Exaggerate much huh? All levels after 55 also has increased exp compared to Skelth. By roughly 15% up to 62 atleast.
  2. The exp / level after 55 is roughly 15% more than it was on Skelth. Not sure how it is after 62 though. And no, you don't need to use a mid 20s char or stay in OB to make adena.
  3. Please don't overbuff spoil. There's already mob types with ridiculous rates. So an overall buff would be silly. Raise the rates on the broken mob types instead.
  4. I'm a spoiler in an archer party. I'm making plenty millions a day. So much crying here.
  5. Of course you can maintain archers using shots. Add a spoiler to your party.
  6. I love my spoiler. Currently spoiling for 250-400k adena an hour soloing depending on which spot i choose to grind. Just level up and put some thought into what mobs you want to spoil.
  7. So much tears from these poor spoilers.
  8. I have no idea where you found a file that says we should get 1-3. We get what we get. I like that the rates are low since the exp on this server is ridiculously easy. Atleast something is slowing it down.
  9. Currently spoiling Varnish at 90%. Sure some rates need looking into, but there are plenty of mobs out there with really good rates.
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