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  1. So no macro?

    I wanted to open a thread about this CLEAR issue. The bots are once again reigning supreme, screw the normal humans who were able to farm with some struggle and peace to "compete" with the massive very smart programmed scripting programs. I think NC went this direction because L2 allowed players to become self sufficient, they want players to cash in to compete with the bots, there's no other argument, no one in the right mind who played this game would remove a rebuff option even if you play MANUALLY, the fact that you need to alt-tab to rebuff many boxes is incredibly TIRING (I used to do this 2 PC's back when boxes were limited). I came back because of these changes and now they're gone. Well, at the end of the day I feel relieved that I'm free, this game is addictive when you're passionate about L2.
  2. You can already do this by setting a macro to assist a target, but it's not going to work for long periods of time in most areas, it's very hard to find spots that you can do that and usually anyone would let it be a secret for themselves. The mobs start to spawn outside your range and you'll stand still forever. What we REALLY need is an option to make Manner Mode work for PARTY MEMBERS, it's incredibly dumb that your party members will stop to attack a mob to stop the KS, forcing you to let Manner Mode off. very annoying. The Essence version "fixed" the spawn problem by making all mobs in selective areas very packed and self contained so that you can leave your character on auto-hunt forever, but Essence changed the whole pacing and progression of the game, which sucks. Classic still has normal spawns but NCSoft could really improve a bit on that to make auto-hunt a bit more reliable. There are changes to macros coming in the near future, you'll be able to activate all your combat skills to auto-use, but I'm not sure about the buffs, what I really wish is that ALL buffs became auto-use so that your characters could also fight instead of being a fully dedicated buff box. Disregard any uncontrollable filth of cheating script programs that NC choose to ignore.
  3. This strategy is really decent, I used it a lot, but it has a big problem that should be considered, you have to find self contained respawn spots and they're hard to find, so that mobs don't stack outside of your assist radius. My biggest problem with the auto-hunt is the characters that are following your lead will eventually get stuck on trees and you'll die, so you also have to manage to find spots such as Cruma that are naturally self contained. NCSoft could do some work with the respawns to make auto-hunt a bit better, but not overdoing like they did with L2 Essence making the game feel completely artificial, just to a point where trees don't become a problem or mobs stacking outside your hunt perimeter. Another advice for anyone using auto assist is to turn off "optimize performance" in options so that your characters run the macro way way faster. (optimizing the performance will make the client use very very low CPU but it make the macros slow up to a point where some skills can't be used such as targeting something and casting fast enough if you're auto-hunting). I really wish that NCSoft also had considered your party not become part of the manner mode, your characters inside your party will stop to attack the target if the manner mode is on, this is really lackluster, you have to KS anyone if you wanna make the auto assist combo strategy, or find a spot that you're alone.
  4. Hime is an Inactive Member?

    Game is ran by koreans, they will not speak for things they can't control, they will stay ethical to their job, they answer what they should and respect the korea's decision. Server is p2w because korea wants it that way. People should learn to focus their hate on things that matter, not talk c**p on community managers. This game is ran by NCSoft, you know where this is going, you can't complain about things you know it's gonna happen.

    do you care more about the extra xp rather than the uber "free"(paid) stats? lol
  6. And Cruma 1/2, specially 2. Almost every single room has a full group of bots farming bots 24/7. The very few rooms that aren't taken have some actual players trying to find space to grind, and we all know it's awful to share the same room as the respawn rate isn't fast enough.
  7. 2 months into game

    I broke 4 weapons, 2 broke at +4, other 2 at +5, then I had another weapon, that weapon managed to +8 and it's not even the weapon I wanted to enchant. The weapon +8 won't even pay off the loss of the other 4, I lost a lot of money, they were all top D's, how people are willing to OE top C I don't know how... you gotta have some mad money to do so...
  8. Don't be naive, it's the complete OPPOSITE, they KNOW exactly how to make money
  9. better = luckier? different words, different meanings? i already poofed one weapon from +3 to +4.. hm, much skills
  10. Being honest: no (depends). If You have more free time during weekends, then that's completely fine. It won't be fast, but at least it'll be possible. (It isn't fast for anyone that plays normally). But That really depends how far you wanna go, "end game" will hit harder, and the biggest problem is that you waste a lot of time with "random stuff", if these 2 hours are fully and effective grinding, then, that's ok too, but, again, I doubt that'll likely happen, we waste precious minutes and even hours doing other stuff, specially when you start interacting with the economy and so on. If you trully commit 2 hours, I'd say it could be possible to achieve some solid experience with the game, less than that I wouldn't think so, and yet again, if you have more time on weekends and such then it's fine. My point is that it's hard to achieve EFFECTIVE hours, you can play 1000 hours, 2 hours daily, but during those 1000 hours a lot will be "wasted", that's why it's so common to see people playing for HOURS grinding in a single spot, that doesn't mean they'll do it every single day, but at least it's a fair progression. (non lifers and commited players will do that in a regular basis, like everyday). Consider that: this game is meant to take months/years of gameplay. And consider that: like any other game it's supposed to be fun, doesn't matter if you're lv20 or lv70, if you enjoy the game while playing it then that's what matters, in the end you're just clicking mobs anyway. About PvP, that's kinda lacking right now, if you wanna have constant PvPs I'd say the best way to achieve that is finding yourself a clan and being in a higher level, and even so PvPs are pretty much gear-based so it's just a reflection of how hard you hit that mobs. If your goal is PvP, you have to commit much more into the game, if your goal is just have a progression and enjoy what the game has to offer then it's fine to take it slow, it's actually better. Long answer, but that's what I think of it. Good luck, man.
  11. He's the reflection of the community, and why the game is still suffering for years. L2 community isn't friendly nor helpful, for some reason people enjoy being way too hostile, in a game that's nowhere as competitive as actual competitive games, just time consuming. This is also a big reason why the game keep declining over and over, imagine being a new player, just imagine. All L2 players are returning players. Have seen the amount of people trying to scam other players? It's hilarious how this is ROOTED in the mentality of the L2 community. I've never seen a game where players are so desperate to grief other people in a hostile manner, not in a "fun" manner. Did you see why some players were so mad about not dropping gear on death? Who cares about game quality, "all I want is more option to grief others".
  12. Why are you so mad about it? Wouldn't that benefit you in the same way? Are you afraid people will be able to progress more reliably? I'm still confused... NC itself acklowledged that there was a problem with the rates, they still acklowdge that they still should do something about it. Who's wrong? The community? NC? Are you afraid to drop from that virtual pedestal, what's happening, who hurt you? Do you deny the fact that people just want stay on a positive line of progression, is it too much? In your "game design mastermind mentality" is it logical to drop the same amount of adena? Do you deny that you'll force players into adapting their game to an abonimation playstyle? Why do you think AoE is basically the only actual meta? Stop being that disgusting, when there are that many games to choose from you're being selfish against people that are willing to contribute to the success of this game. Waaay too selfish, you sound desperate to stay above of the "more casual players", I think you wanna be that player so called "a factor", and even complain about the scrolls which are nowhere close to a problem, they're actually very helpful for pvps and other things. And worry not, you'll be playing in your dead game in no time, those people "complaining" are still the reason this game is still alive, be thankful. And, please, don't compare "this" with old L2, old L2 doesn't deserve to be offended. Majority of the players are just playing with a mentality that the server will be fixed and most people also play because the community is decent, no one wants to play in a dead server even though they are infinitely better... how long though? You can fun as much as you want. Keep punching bricks and being a blind sheep, no one cares.

    The world of Lineage is WAY TOO BIG, there are actual MANY and MANY and MANY areas that you can grind, you just need to explore and find somewhere that suits your needs, it's your own fault if you root in one place and don't explore elsewhere, you should have bought a D grade weapon by now, players are selling cheap, you start using D shots which are way better cost effective, actually the same price as no grade, you can buy crystals, craft from dwarves, or even make your own dwarf, the options are endless. Up until top D grade it doesn't take much effort. Ant Nest is place for groups or solo with a top tier weapons, they give a good xp and adena but the struggle you'll have is not worth it. You could try to farm in execution grounds on the upper levels, orc barracks, partisan, and so on, these areas don't require a much strong equipment, but again, work on that D grade weapon asap, it can be the lowest tier or mid tier, then you aim for the top, you'll not the value of the weapon as you can sell back to another player or break into crystals with a dwarf, it'll allow you to farm way faster and way more effectively as well.
  14. Enchant exploit

    Can you get Refined Scroll Part: Enchant Weapon and Solid Scroll Part: Enchant Weapon from those weekly Parts of Enchantment Scroll Chest? All I've got was Scroll Part: Enchant Armor when I enchanted weapons. So even If I get those scrolls with multiple characters weekly, completely lucky with RNG and even more lucky to get the proper scroll, plus the chance for the item not fail while enchanting, I think we're talking about hundreds of weeks, or am I missing something? I think people are just lucky, you'll see plenty of +5 weapons in the server, up to +8 doesn't seem that impossible... considering you'll lose half of the weapon's value if it fails, basically you're gambling 1.5kk for each enchant attempt, it's a worthy risk, you can get a D weapon as strong as a C weapon, but again RNG is something bizarre to deal with. I've left my weapons at +3 because I'm not willing to face the odds right now. I don't think there are any exploit, just people with balls to go through it and succeeded.