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  1. You would never party up with random people because you would never share the drops. You could at best make a group with damage dealers for raids and exp only zones. Making your own supports is needed therefore making groups with other supports is also nonsense. Lineage 2 simply does not have a design that inspires people to group up, ever. Not only that but the competitive nature for spots in this game is so huge that you don't want people around. Party system doesn't need to change. It's actually very good because it gives good exp but the game is just to messy. L2 Essence was their att
  2. Not sure how you're handling those buffs but with a regular macro most of them will count as an action therefore they'll make your character stop until another action is taken. In this case you have to set another follow command after the use of a scroll. This should never happen by using consumables, specially with the auto-use but hey, the game is on fire. Mixing the auto-use feature with the macro-loop and auto-hunt have a lot of bad interactions that the devs didn't care too much about.
  3. Like our friend commented above, you need another account just to take targets. The auto-hunt takes the target and only changes whenever it dies, the macro doesn't have this feature and will keep changing targets. The efficiency to have auto-hunt + macro was a great feature and now it's been removed, there are ways to "fix" the problem but the problem shouldn't exist in the first place. The old system was 10x much better, there is no logic for the character to attack a mob while running macros because I can have the attack command within the macro however I want. The macros on Live are still i
  4. It doesn't work, the auto-hunt takes priority and replaces the macro with the Attack action, I don't want a character to attack but still take next targets like it used to do, now I simply cannot, both systems are mixed together instead of the macro-loop having priority with the target system of the auto-hunt. The way it used to work is that the auto-hunt used to keep the macro on loop without forcing the character to attack unless you made them attack within the macro, if you wanted the character ONLY to attack then you'd have no macro activated, you could drag the macro to the little bo
  5. Spiritshot was a core supply for buffers and even healers. Burning Blessed Spiritshots for buffs is nonsense.
  6. I noticed that the macro-loop does not work in conjuction with the auto-hunt feature like it did before, the auto-hunt is supposed to run with at least one macro activated. It currently makes a lot of farming strategies worse or flat out unviable. It has to work like the Lineage 2 Live version. Whenever you press auto-hunt it shuts down all running macros, allowing only the skills to be spammed on repeat with the new system, this is clearly a design made for the Lineage 2 Essence version, not Classic. The auto-hunt is a smart feature to target mobs and focus on the target until it's dead
  7. Live version still has the macros and the good HUD, Classic got the ugly HUD and the obliteration of macros. This update makes sense in L2 Essence because all buffs are auto-usable and they're all self-buffs, the problem is that Classic and Essence were basically merged together with these updates, and they are NOT the same game. This is was a disaster. Live version is the only version that has some attention from NCSoft, Classic is basically scrapped at this point.
  8. I wanted to open a thread about this CLEAR issue. The bots are once again reigning supreme, screw the normal humans who were able to farm with some struggle and peace to "compete" with the massive very smart programmed scripting programs. I think NC went this direction because L2 allowed players to become self sufficient, they want players to cash in to compete with the bots, there's no other argument, no one in the right mind who played this game would remove a rebuff option even if you play MANUALLY, the fact that you need to alt-tab to rebuff many boxes is incredibly TIRING (I used to do th
  9. You can already do this by setting a macro to assist a target, but it's not going to work for long periods of time in most areas, it's very hard to find spots that you can do that and usually anyone would let it be a secret for themselves. The mobs start to spawn outside your range and you'll stand still forever. What we REALLY need is an option to make Manner Mode work for PARTY MEMBERS, it's incredibly dumb that your party members will stop to attack a mob to stop the KS, forcing you to let Manner Mode off. very annoying. The Essence version "fixed" the spawn problem by making all mobs in
  10. This strategy is really decent, I used it a lot, but it has a big problem that should be considered, you have to find self contained respawn spots and they're hard to find, so that mobs don't stack outside of your assist radius. My biggest problem with the auto-hunt is the characters that are following your lead will eventually get stuck on trees and you'll die, so you also have to manage to find spots such as Cruma that are naturally self contained. NCSoft could do some work with the respawns to make auto-hunt a bit better, but not overdoing like they did with L2 Essence making the game feel
  11. Game is ran by koreans, they will not speak for things they can't control, they will stay ethical to their job, they answer what they should and respect the korea's decision. Server is p2w because korea wants it that way. People should learn to focus their hate on things that matter, not talk c**p on community managers. This game is ran by NCSoft, you know where this is going, you can't complain about things you know it's gonna happen.
  12. do you care more about the extra xp rather than the uber "free"(paid) stats? lol
  13. And Cruma 1/2, specially 2. Almost every single room has a full group of bots farming bots 24/7. The very few rooms that aren't taken have some actual players trying to find space to grind, and we all know it's awful to share the same room as the respawn rate isn't fast enough.
  14. I broke 4 weapons, 2 broke at +4, other 2 at +5, then I had another weapon, that weapon managed to +8 and it's not even the weapon I wanted to enchant. The weapon +8 won't even pay off the loss of the other 4, I lost a lot of money, they were all top D's, how people are willing to OE top C I don't know how... you gotta have some mad money to do so...
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