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  1. 1. Illinois 2. Sacurata BD rerolled to evis 3. Hindemith now Chronos 4. 105/101 5. quit for 3 years between 2010 -2013
  2. I cannot log in on neither of my pcs. I get msg like "Failed to read content form the update server. Check your network environment (ISP Authentication, NAC, firewall, antivirus and other settings) and try again." After 30 min I was able to login one account, but every other try to login another account on that same pc, with the running one game received the same msg. Decided to restart, and after that was not able to log in anything anymore. Took me a few tries to log in even to into the site.
  3. Eve


    I like to be able to learn Lyn Draco on my sub class. Anniversary gift that are tradable between characters in the same acct. I like to be able to apply a full body armor appearance to the 2 parts armors, one hand weapon appearance to both hands. My new hair style changes back, when I use a head/hair accessory, is there a way this can be fixed?
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