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  1. Guys they mean another Dimensional Rift , but not many ppl know it
  2. R110 set for Tyrr Warriors ????

    now tell your dual/main and can u afford r110 +6/8/10?
  3. what to expect if u start to enchant dragon shirt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIIOtDzJUKk&t=3434s
  4. R110 set for Tyrr Warriors ????

    what to farm ?:) tell me what left to farm
  5. R110 set for Tyrr Warriors ????

    depends of ur main/dual heavy is not bad for single target ,also last update with mobs u dont need to much equipment so mostly depends ur dual/main also what budget u have
  6. juji nothing personal against you, only you read forums some time and answer to people. looks like we play on illegal server less mobs on map, cut some places, rank dont work and so.. also was smart to avoid answers last 2 weeks during xp event because 1st week from event was so lagged imagine from 107 to 108 i level more slow than 108 to 109 (same spot same boost) and after event your staff do this game play cuts . so what to expect in future with the game it will be better or more bad in every respect ?
  7. 101+ leveling

    that is very interested question , if u have time send ticket and ask and share answer here
  8. Juji with next update which is very soon will be fixed everything?
  9. i dont have party from bots bcse i can solo almost any location on macro if i want
  10. dont worry guys they will remove server limit from 2k ppl sooon
  11. guys 3 acc per pc will not help u will wait again , just limit on servers is lowered on 2k ppls for that you waiting. they set lower limit bcse of hardware till they change it.or changes are made with sense to force ppl to spam about limit clients or smtg from this reason . we see in future reactions from ncwest staff
  12. Known Issue: Server Latency

    well Hime told to us to report about rune consummative . almost 2 weeks prestige/eva/drop/xp runes run i ask about compensation and got this answer . by what way they will keep us to play on this server when i get this answer? GM Nollie Saturday at 20:31 Hello, Please note that if compensation will be deemed appropriate for this issue, it will be applied equally to all affected accounts and not delivered by customer support to individual customers. At this point, we have no information about whether a compensation is being considered. Thank you for your understanding. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us again. Regards, GM Nollie NCSOFT Support Team
  13. how to make adena?

    about this i dont mean you, just saying because happened
  14. how to make adena?

    no lets say with 400b or under is possible ,but that doesnt matter after tommorow , i just try to give hint how u can make adena w/o to spend money not many ppl doing this and belive me when i open eyes on players they come and make mess (feed your dog to bark at you)
  15. how to make adena?

    ye best farm for new ppl is to make chars and make instances zaken,freya,kartia all quest where give attribute stones+ear and when u lvl it 97 to make baylor/balok/cc/octavis/istina probably u can sell boxes to enter in epics,and when u make some adena buy and resell that is fastest way ,after update tommorow macro will not so much worth if i compare now ( i do 8b+ per 24h from macro, after update maybe 70%~ less we see)i get many questions from ppls what class to make to farm but is hard to tell to ppl its not worth to start to play from 0 if u dont want to spend a lot money to can play after 103~