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  1. That is 10% of your EXP when you die is that FAIR???? are you joking if you are 40+lvl and you loss 10% of your EXP you gonna get MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am already 20lvl and am getting 0.40% from each mob ......... https://imgur.com/ApaSv7Q https://imgur.com/QIyKdnF
  2. Dont worry brother they lock my crafter ..... and my friend character ( my friend he just start he doesnt even know how to play L2 he is coming from WoW) same day they lock us , we made tickets but still nothing we dont know the reason, as i write to ticket am not worry about why you lock my 16lvl char because is easy to reach again 16lvl (But give me Reason for that lock )
  3. lovely because i was afraid if i will get ban if i open another window thanks
  4. Hello i would like to ask how many clients we are allow to open in one Computer , someone told me 3 client are allow ( that is mean 3 accounts are open same time from one computer ) is legal?so i can play alt+tab with my buffer? and my main
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