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  1. 10 Clients Limitation

    Remove the 10 client restriction!! Server is already been dead!We canty farm on that model that you introduce without alot of clients!!! 2 different persons ,1 house ,2 different parties = a party for farming adenas because not all the regios are dropping adenas = high cost of elecricity=ppl are quitting for this! We want to play not to work for playing!!
  2. 10 Clients Limitation

    I agree on the last sentence about the 100 clients but we have more chances to remove the 10 client limitation rather to fix the server bro! @DukeGr
  3. Why you dont mention when you upgrade or you do something during the maintenance ??? Graphic Textures has been upgraded today but you havent mentioned it!! @Juji @Hime Also you need to remove the 10 client limitation mtoo much for our electricity! please read my post !!
  4. 10 Clients Limitation

    @Juji @Hime
  5. 10 Clients Limitation

    It is pointless and the consumpion at AC TOO MUCH! RMT and botters can still log 100 clients still but for us the normal legit players is very frustrate to pay at AC for playing afk when you are having more than 1 player at home!! REMOVE the Limitation !!
  6. 10 Clients Limitation

    Hello, As a player and loyal customer of yours since 2004. I want to make a complain. Its is wrong to have 10 clients limitations and i will to explain you why. My wife is a mage and she has to have 9 clients to she can solo. If i want to do the same ,i need 6 clients,that leads me after your limitations to open and use a second PC! Here comes the problem! Second pc 24/7 auto hunt gives me the double electricity consumption! I had paid 4000 kwh extra by doing that. That amount is like 1200 € extra per year. Its insane! I want you to reconsider and remove the limitations or make it at least 20 per pc or remove the Auto Hunt then!! Me and my wife as hardcore players and with alot of love of lineage ,we are considering to stop because of that.For two obvious reasons,first for electrical bill and second ,that is a result of the first ,is that i will not be able to spend money at l2 store if i have to give them to my electricity. Please,re-consider that ,is to much at our electricity for someone that has 2 players on one house. 20 clients per pc is fine at least! Hope you to understand and to discuss it further with your Dev team. Greetings, Dimos