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  1. Buy a rune. Get a good xp spot Heck… just log in at this point.
  2. Yaaa… and more of the same d/c...cant log past server selection... Another rune mia and no fix still.. sigh....
  3. If this plays out like the initial release clan hall auctions: Bids are hidden and all you can see is a list of what clans have bid on a specific hall. You wont know if you have been outbid until the winner is announced. There is a 10% charge to remove a bid...so if you bid 20 mil...and pull the bid you will lose 2 mil. However, Yes you can pull a bid and try elsewhere. As long as you make the Mx payments, a permanent hall will remain with the clan as long as the server is around.....but if server is merged you will be repaid what you paid....and a whole new auction will happen.
  4. Not boxing here... for last 30 mins I get to Char creation and it D/C's me.... been fun waiting in the que
  5. wow got ur underwear in a bunch there kid. cant imagine what happens when you don't get ur way IRL?
  6. Wow so its so important to get a drop? A vast majority of reds during original release used NG or best d grade gear...… so basically that's what.... important for maybe a day or 2 for most. Anyway best wishes on killing a red who would have dropped the very thing you needed I am from initial release as well and I will just deal with it.... not happy either but wow.... some of these folks sound like mom didn't bring milk downstairs with the cookiez.
  7. Yes and I will pull my stocks and crash wallstreet. me and all my friends
  8. Warsmith is a decent aoe. with their summon, they can do some serious aoe during lower level grinds
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