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  1. Soulshot Bug

    so we all know the broken toggle ss button that this server has since 1st day and still....spiritshot change to blessed spiritshot at random times and the same happens with pet ss...maybe time to fix this? @Hime
  2. color tittle issue

    i had color tittle and i was inside a clan..then i left and the tittle left too...then i joined a new one and put my tittle back but i has no color now..all of my friends had color doing the exact same thing but not my char...i had use the /resetname as i read but not working..please some help here
  3. sea of spores

    @Hime @Juji is it normal that mobs at sea of spores have adena drop rate like 120-180...times that i get 180+ is very rare...that kind of drop rate is at dion plains on 20+ zones...how can the same drop rate is at 40+ zone?on wikki says for example the rotting trees have 204-477 adena drop,dont know if this should be here too just saying...hope u see this and reply
  4. @Hime @Juji the adena drop rate is an issue on all zones...dont pick some zones and just say that u will fix them..zones 20+ and 40+ dont have many difference on adena drop..tell me that > how can a mage like necro farm when each death spike cost 360(because of the bones)?so basically to kill 1 mob with 4 hits i need 1.440 adena plus my bss and i will get what?like 200 adena from mob?IF THE MOB DROPS...mages cant farm with this adena drop rates...cant even buy our bss and make a small profit out of the farm that we made with them....all players saying that adena rates are wrong,take notes from the comments that ppl makes about adena drop rates and fix it
  5. Pk

    and how i can protect my farm spot?i will just let ppl take my trains and farm?nice
  6. Pk

    plz consider change the pk's...no1 wants to pk when he cant burn it after...whats the reason of pks in game when u cant pk some1...make karma burns more easy