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  1. You must have very sad life... This is multiplayer game you should play with other people by definition. With sex you have same situation? You should find another person but you prefer do it by yourself Or maybe in both cases you are so miserable that nobody wants to play with you ? BTW if you need 10+ chars to exp answer is obvious
  2. Adena farming is cancer so this is my answer. Do the same and don't waste your time and money if NCSoft totally ignores players and allow that shit adena farming go. Daraider is a typical example of how moronic server population is. It is MMO you should make clan and play with friends, therefore mr disabled creates a legion of alts to make his sad life little happier. Pathetic
  3. this happening because morons on higher lvl only farm on bots and autocombat. Thats why on higher lvl they're rekt. This is MMO, create LIVE party and exp like gamer not like bleep. I'am able to exp at top cruma alone at 60 lvl with my prophet buffs, because THIS IS AREA FOR ME. Before update i was expyin in TOI with zero problem. Now NC take TOI from us and give it to higher lvls, but what happened? Higher lvls have 0 skill to exp so they're blocking cruma Maybe next go and exp on talking island? But this is not my problem anymore. Yesterday I send request to delete my account.
  4. I don't know who is your gameplay designer but he/she should quit the game dev industry. By design new cruma should be an area where players can level up to 70 but how it looks like? We have new ROA with bots on 80 lvl logged in 24/7 and farming adena. WHY THE HECK THEY ARE RECEIVE ANY DROP? There should be 0% drop rate if you are killing mob 5 lvls lower than you, that will resolve the problem and remove adena farmers from spots. If someone is too disabled to farm on mobs at his lvl then should quit this game, the current situation is pathologic. Current gameplay is just
  5. My character at 50 lvl is ranked 6300 character on the server. That perfectly explains how populated is that server. How many 60+ is? 2000 ? 70+ - 1000 ? And that number includes all toons from the top player's bot parties. BTW once I have been PKed by the player from server top 3 because he was unable to take me down in cruma with all his OE alt party. That's the level of current "server elite" skills. I can agree with that. Even price set for all drop items in regular shops to 0 shows how much NCSoft care about Classic version of the game. But if they want to kill linea
  6. Man, when I played 10 years ago bot trains was constantly punished, Client limit was set at 2 accounts per PC, Sieges was about 4k ppl on command channel and that was good. This is bullshit when NC limits boxes to TEN PER PC and majority of players raise noise " How we can exp with that setup?". This is pathetic. By introducing classic servers in WOW, they introduced both old mechanics and old quest lines. Classic in the NC version is just more grind, setting all classes so that only nukers are self-sufficient. And that's another bullshit when all nuke classes can easy have infinite
  7. Good morning, I wanted to share with you my thoughts about the Classic server from the perspective of a player returning to the game after 10 years. I came back because I liked the idea of returning lineage to the complex and developed form that this game had during my game on the teon server. Unfortunately, after a month of playing on this server, I must sadly say that I am leaving this swamp forever. Here are some reasons that led me to make this decision. I. Bots everywhere The introduction of the autohunting option was not the most tragic decision, but the situatio
  8. innymi słowy nieopłaca sie inwestować czasu w tą grę bo retail to zwykłe pay to win a classic to jedna wielka legit bociarnia... Szkoda.. tęskni mi się za jakimś dobrym MMO w którym sie coś dzieje..
  9. Dzień dobry! Po wielu latach postanowiłem sobietrochę pograć, ale przyznam szczerze że samemu jest dośc nudnawo. Nie mam zamiaru specjalnie Harcorzyć w tej grzę ale raz na jakiś czas polecieć na party i pogadać z fajnymi ludźmi. Dlatego też chciałbym spytać czy istnieją na serwerze jakieś klany nastawione głownie na interakcje socjalne a nie ciągły grind. Jesli tak to dajcie znać, chętnie dołącze
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