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  1. What a big deal between 5800 and 5300? I want to know why in Aden with this quantity there has no queue? ZORO queue! And Talking Island with 5800 takes a queue 1600. 5800 = queue 1600 5300 = queue 0 NCSoft you are full of s***
  2. I don't post about queue, but if you don't like, that's your problem. People have the right to complain about what they want, who the bleep is you to say they can not. If you do not like what you see in the forum, just ignore it but you can not ask people to stop complaining about what they believe. The fact is you can ask people to stop. But why do they stop for you?
  3. Waiting in a queue gives to understand, but wait in the queue 10 times to be disconnected every 10 times, spend 3 hours trying to log-in the game that I can not understand. Is this a sick strategy of getting people to buy VIP? Well, that's what it looks like. Just reminding you of NCsoft this is the last chance to community Give it to you and you've started it all wrong.
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