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  1. Dude, the arcs are not paid, everyone can get them.... no Lcoin needed, you are thinking of the paid rewards and the top paid reward is a +3 dragon belt....
  2. There has been 1 drop in Blackbird that I know of, bottom line the chance of rewards is so low it makes no sense to participate in this at all
  3. First of all, this is part of the "free gift pack", so anyone that completes the pass gets it, so this whole "u don't want my money" argument is null, nobody needs to spend any money to get this. Second, the pass requirements are simple idiotic, the 672k mobs is too steep. I would have purchased at least 10 passes for my diff accounts, I ended up just buying 2 and maybe a 3rd, cause those are my main account (i.e. the only ones i'm sure to finish the pass in), this is the real "you don't want my money" argument. The purchased pass are too crappy also, the pass has 28 pages with 10 sectio
  4. I have a question please @Juji @Hime If i decide not to buy the VIP right away, and do it let's say tomorrow, but on the meantime I unlocked 3-4 reward levels today, will those retroactively unlock for the premium reward once i purchase the premium pass or not?. This makes a whole world of difference on how we approach buying or not the premium pass.
  5. Yes, support will not give enough damage to mobs to get the necessary points to complete, need to rethink this fast.
  6. @juji @Hime @Sunshine Guys you did not fix the bug on the L2M special craft event option, cloak and powder still show as already crafted which is not true, they shown as crafted since day 1 of the event no one could have crafted them cause none have the coins to do so, come on! i am only working in the event cause I need cloaks for my alts!
  7. @Hime, will you fix the bug in the L2M special craft options?
  8. Considering i had not enough coins until i noticed it, yeah im sure i did not craft them...
  9. I currently have 1,320 L2M coins, in the craft system both the cloak and the elixir show Qty 0/1 as if I had already crafted them, this is clearly a bug as no one had enough L2M coins in the previous days to craft either of those items. https://ibb.co/dr0cjB5 https://ibb.co/m8H4tyG Thanks
  10. A reward so lame that it actually made ppl NOT try the beta... well played NC
  11. They have been so since day one, and once u have them there's a chance to fail which is moronic to say the least. I would add: - The fact that you need to pay adena to learn skills is nonsense - The crafting system will only work if there are craft only items (valuable) ones, then everyone will appreciate crafters again and a livelihood will be provided. - The fact that to create spellbooks to learn skills there is a high chance of failure is also nonsense, there is already a triple wall there: 1) u need to the level; 2) u need the mats; 3) u need the book which can fail. Consi
  12. I've been playing L2 since prelude, played non official servers, played euro servers so I know, but we can still ask.... hope dies last.
  13. The only thing anyone needs to understand is that it is a huge money pit, but it will not be the largest the Giran Seals are the ultimate P2W.
  14. Ah, the topping: 8. The new dye system, either explain CLEARLY how it works OR go back to the old system while you figure this one out cause 99% of the server does not get it.
  15. 1. Going red for killing a war tag or a war tag's pet; 2. Antigo following you forever. Antigo should be timed, if he or his pet don't die within x minutes it should disappear, if you move him too far it should reset just like any raid boss, this will effectively kill the pet trade and allow normal players to get their desired pet. The pet trade is ridiculous, sellers have held on to pets for hours (I know of one who tried to sell a buffalo for 12+ hours). 3. The Kamael skins are the work of laziness, Zubei looks exactly the same a Nightmare, in a resting position Trickster female lo
  16. There's so many zones they could open or simply expand, you don't need many, you don't need zones to 55+ what we have is enough but there is an xp range which is ridiculous and the frame moves along with the server's population level. Cruma used to be solitary, Lizardman's plains, TOI 1,2,3 and other mid level areas also used to be empty, now they became a free for all circus. Farmers do not farm Adena anymore cause its worthless, now they farm items so they overcrowd areas that are meant for players progressing. Server transfers may alleviate the issue if they are from Blackbird to Elcadia on
  17. The Pk system is just another way to squeeze money, why the dying party should pay to recover it's items? in the live servers this does not happen anymore, hasn't been so for years now, so why bring it back?... well to squeeze your wallets nothing else, so as long as it is a revenue stream (no matter how small) they will suck it out of you.
  18. Expect to farm thousands of them before u get a book…
  19. The only thing I’d change to the pk system is the killing of war tags, other than that it works fine.
  20. Adjusted prediction is Lcoin will hit 9.4kk per 1k Lc in the next couple of weeks
  21. Think of it like that and fail to understand the dynamics of the L2 economy so u can keep complaining about why it’s not ur fault u can achieve anything.
  22. 1. There's excess Adena in the server, Adena value is on free fall 2. If you buy Lcoin to buy Sayha, you're lost, why would you need to buy Sayha anyway. I haven't used a single Sayha since the patch and I'm on 24/7 with Sayha Lv. 24 3. As long as there are promos that accept Lcoin, its value will only go up. Lcoin is our stable coin, Adena is an inflationary coin. 4. This is why many farmers are dropping Blackbird, its not good business to farm Adena anymore, this is a good thing for the server. 5. If you were on a Lv. 5 clan and could buy Hardin's books and other items wi
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