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  1. But since Juji came, I only see a gentle man applying the same business stuffs as the neutron
  2. LastZ

    Tank Stuff's

    +10 Ferios Cloak +5% P. Def (20b) +6 Dark Avenger 3 SA (15b) +10 Dark Heavy Set *Elegia* [45b]
  3. That's why agathions are so expensive this time, less ppl wanna play it
  4. Interesting would be to know why the Lineage II Live forum is not being updated about the connection issues as well as Classic. Salvation Chapter was not a great update and Fafurion wont be also, because dev team is not hearing the player's community. (https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/414-salvation-first-chapter-feedback/) Since the Conquero declaration at the end of 2017 we don't have a consistent schedule of free events. There is no good rotation of "events". Cloak event, Jewel event, Freya Stick event, Freya Bag event, Circlet event, Fortune Card event, Dragon Shirt event [.
  5. Really?! This is the NCwest answer? I think this topic deserves a much more consistent response. "So you plan on making some improvements on live to bring players back, maybe actually finally looking at some of the horrible balance issues, actually releasing events that are fun, fair, and beneficial to the game, the economy, and content? Do you guys (the Devs) see these things (even in part if you disagree with some of what ive said) as stated or do you feel that im crazy and youre going to lock the thread and tell me to proverbially play in traffic?"
  6. Translated by Google Translator. You can check all new greater jewel's here: Ruby Sapphire Topaz Opal Obsidian Diamond Emerald Aquamarine Pearl Vital Stone Tanzanite Garnet Red Cat's Eye Blue Cat's Eye Who will be the first one to have a greater jewel lv. 5?
  7. Amazing magical event!
  8. The critical point is "GMs dont play the game", so they dont know how toxic It's. They don't know how frustrating it is to just play the PVE because you can't spend $ 50k in a game.
  9. https://ibb.co/b2716L Pagrio EXP + Buff LV 5 + Harmony Lv. 2 + a lot of b. escapes = 56 minutes
  10. Agree!!!!!! finally we have a GM, that's how I feel.
  11. Did you update the drivers? When I built my new computer I had a lot of issues with low fps, but after updates the problem was solved. IGNORE: I see now, You told then have the last update.
  12. It's just a waste of time wait for a answer from NCWest, even for the most basic questions. The game is no longer designed for every type of player, so for them it is a waste of resources to worry about our opinions. If the big spenders are happy, then NCwest will be too. The right question is: Are you happy with this @Truffle @HTH @TEVAS @Zureil @jaGerX @KingScoobz @Fooz ?
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