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  1. 100% true, this stupid rate of adena is just for people have only one way to play this, buy ncoins to take stuff from l2 shop and save adena in game... this is the real p2w server, and now this same guys who purchase a lot of money can have courage to say.... this is hardcore! shut up! really? if it is hardcore stop spend a lot of money to have advantage in this game! abosolute hypocrisy!! WE WANT A REAL 1X ADENA RATE!!! NOT THIS ENGANATION P2W!!
  2. why the bleep adena rate is lower than other classic servers? this make game unbalanced. omg
  3. So we will have a real 1x drop rate of adena or you will keep this sux rate to people purchase more and more to get NCOINS and save adena in game to buy a little stuff. CAN WE HAVE A ANSWER??
  4. For example... when a DA will have conditions to use soulshots for your panther? 75k adena per 1000 ss? with this smallest adena drop? its just impossible. please consider this inviable price, and reduce properly... ty
  5. Why soulshot for summons is so expensive?? In a server with this rates of adena drop, this should be like 25a for each soulshot not 75, never will be viable to buy and use this... can you revise this price, and reduce this in next patch update??
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