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  1. About Legacy website a big YES About the new zones, they already said (a million times) that the map is full, but with no mobs until that zone is released on an update, think if they have to erase zones from the map and then add them in a future update? it's insane...
  2. a question of the healers

    Plus Eva's Kiss increases your M. Atk. Power, so it affects nukes and heals too.
  3. Kiss of Eva (wrong Description)

    Can't edit now... As it affects POWER, it increases the power of your nukes and heals, thats the difference with Empower that only increases M. Atk, and heals aren't affected by M. Atk.
  4. Kiss of Eva (wrong Description)

    It says M. Atk. Skill POWER... skill power is not reflected on M. Atk. The same goes, for the old Spirit Sharing buff from summoners https://l2wiki.com/Spirit_Sharing