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  1. insulting people

    Are you seriously so ignorant ?
  2. insulting people

    So my account they reported for "botting" was just banned. Today is the 50% exp day, so i lose a lot in this situation. These people got triggered so much for a spot of mobs that they started calling us all they could imagine, and IM being banned ?! I'm not sure how this works but this is very disappointing if they treat new players in this game like this ( i play this game for 3~ days now ) . and i bet these guys are going to walk freely now ? after insulting us many times, wishing that terrorist maniac Putin would wipe us out ? the of course reporting falsely for nothing ? I mean these guys have to be permanently banned for these actions and I my self should get some sort of compensation for dealing with these kind of things ? I mean wow.. edit: Why would i reply to your insulting conversation ? killing mobs by pressing F1 and F4 to tag them is acting like a bot ? don't try to hide your abusive actions by creating some sort of lie. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions