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  1. @Juji @Hime This event is so stupid! Yesterday on Giran I killed 5 cakes got nothing. Today killed the cake and got nothing cause the cake was dead and lagged for 40 min until the npc spawned or was forced spawned by GM when I no longer was at the computer, so I missed the EXP and rewards again. Please stop spawning the damn cake and just give Fifthteen rights to give out rewards like Fioti in all towns on the event hour and 30 min forward and have a lottery for the gear instead for all that claimed the reward.
  2. @Juji With the change of Antharas Lair the recipes you could get from there, are they no longer in game? For instance there was one monster that dropped Recipe: Doom Shield 60% and it was drop only in there. Where did it go? And what happened to Recipe: Sealed Avadon Circlet 60% that was drop and spoil in LOA now it's missing. Where did it go? Some other recipes that was only available through drops and spoil that was in there were moved to TOI. But there were more then these 3. Monsters Name Added spoils Platinum
  3. I'm playing here on US but I compered the patch notes on US and EU servers for reference. And since LOA is huge there is lots of room to level in but TOI and Catas/Necros are limited. There is a clear reason why there are not many leveling in TOI, it was to hard and it just got harder, leaving one choice catas/necros to level in and competing over rooms with all bot groups over 10 levels of gameplay.
  4. @Juji This is a two part question. 1. The best hunting ground for 65+ chars up to lvl 75 was clearly Antharas lair, but in the patch notes it says that the mobs has been changed to level 84-85 is this correct? Euro server changed levels on mobs by only 3 levels like in TOI why didn't US servers do the same? 2. With the above change there is limited places to level in 8-9 man groups at this level leaving only Catacombs/Necropolis and TOI. Catas/Necros: Increased the XP reward for monsters placed in the Catacomb and Necropolis hunting zones, but changed the item drops. T
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